Our commitment to quality assurance

Based on the corporate principle of “To our customers, inspiration and trust,“ we create safer, more comfortable and more convenient mobility, and provide new value that exceeds customers‘ expectations.

 In the AISIN Group Way, our action principles, “Quality Supremacy“ is foundational in everything we do. We rigorously improve not only the quality of our products and services but the quality of our work too, carrying out TQM* with a customer-first approach to improve our company frameworks.

*Total Quality Management

Thorough customer-first mentality at a global, group level

With the automotive industry experiencing a major period of change, customers‘ expectations about the services we provided, and the nature of quality assurance, are shifting from tangible quality to intangible quality. Aisin Seiki was merged with Aisin AW to form Aisin and, in doing so, unify the group‘s head office functions. In fiscal year 2022, we will establish group TQM and ISO policies and quality policies to achieve unified quality and a unified direction at a global, group level and establish organizations for sharing experience and knowledge between companies and providing safety, peace of mind and new value to customers around the world.。

Centralization of group quality functions and roles within our organizations

We have centralized AISIN Group‘s quality functions and established an organizational framework for each department to strengthen its operations and identify forward-looking activities.

Quality assurance

  • Establishment and rollout of group quality policies
  • Governance through creation and use of systems to improve audits
  • Quality indexes and activity plans to achieve customer satisfaction in new areas

Quality for customers

  • Early detection of defects that reach our customers to minimize disruption for our customers
  • Shift from after-the-fact defect resolution to advance defect resolution
  • Use of big data (vehicles/products) to shift to advance indications and prevention

Quality audits

  • Audits of operations and inspection processes (auditing of compliance with laws, regulations and customer requests)
  • Establishment of rules for special processes and material processes and training and placement of auditors


  • Establishment of framework to follow social issues and changes in laws, regulations and ordinances
  • Development of employees who can create new value and put our customers first

Aisin Densho-kan:
A place to learn about the importance of safety, quality and unfiltered customer feedback

Aisin Densho-kan is a place for employees to thoroughly understand the “historical failures” that we have experienced and apply that understanding to new challenges and initiatives. Aisin Densho-kan (Educational Center) is a place for all Aisin employees to learn about workplace safety and disasterprevention initiatives and unfiltered feedback received from customers. The center also picks up lessons from past incidents and passes on valuable insights gained from problems that have occurred in the past to foster an awareness of quality and improve the caliber of our work. In July 2018, AISIN Group installed a “tunnel for learning how scary quality problems can be“ based on the theme of knowing and feeling the importance of quality at a company.

AISIN Group also plans to create a new simulator where employees can experience past defects and quality issues that people have reported, and to revamp the exhibitions used to share expertise gained from past faults and defects at various group companies.

*Aisin Densho-kan is not open to the general public.

Aisin Densho-kan
Aisin Densho-kan
The tunnel for learning how scary quality problems can be
The “tunnel for learning how scary quality problems can be“