Our commitment to quality assurance

“Quality First” is one of AISIN Group’s basic corporate principles. We believe that one of the most crucial requirements for achieving sustainable growth of our business is increasing the quality of not only our products and services but our work in general in every way we can, and all of our employees work together with a customerfirst mindset under management policies aiming to improve the framework of our company and TQM (total quality management) practices.

In fiscal year 2021, “Top Prioritization of Safety and Compliance" and "Quality First” were the foundation of AISIN Group’s management policies, driving our corporate activities on a daily basis.

All-Aisin TQM Conference
The All-AISIN TQM Conference

Global, group-wide activities to put customers first

With the automotive industry experiencing the biggest period of change in 100 years, customers’ attitudes about quality and approaches to quality assurance are changing. In April 2017, AISIN Group established the All-Aisin Quality Assurance Center. At this center, we establish quality policies to set a single, common direction for the whole of the group, sharing the experience and knowledge of each company and establishing systems and other initiatives to make the best use of the facilities and personnel at each of our group companies. In particular, from fiscal year 2020 we have integrated our training and accreditation for supplier auditors from each company who carry out autonomous audits of special processes, in a group-wide initiative to prevent defects from occurring in these processes. This has eliminated duplication of work, improving quality and efficiency and reducing the workload of suppliers. We will work to further strengthen cooperation within the group in future.

We are also engaged in global quality assurance activities to improve quality, with the company’s head office working in collaboration with counterparts in each region by planning and holding meetings of Global Quality Improvement Committees in North America, Europe, Australasia, China, India and South America. In particular, QA (Quality Analysis) centers in North America, Australasia and China have been opened, and are being used to facilitate development of local employees who are able to perform swift and effective quality analyses.

Cooperative framework for autonomous audits of special processes *

Cooperative framework for autonomous audits of special processes
Cooperative framework for autonomous audits of special processes

*As of the end of FY 2020

A place to learn about the importance of safety, quality and unfiltered customer feedback
Aisin Densho-kan:

Aisin Densho-kan (Educational Center) is a place for all AISIN Group employees to learn about workplace safety and disasterprevention initiatives and unfiltered feedback received from customers. The center also picks up lessons from past incidents and passes on valuable insights gained from problems that have occurred in the past to foster an awareness of quality and improve the caliber of our work. For example, the Kumamoto Earthquakes Learning Zone is an educational space for ensuring that insights and lessons learned from AISIN Group’s responses to the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes are properly passed on to our employees. This zone features easy-to-understand exhibits designed to increase awareness about disaster prevention and readiness by presenting efforts made from directly after the occurrence of the disaster until recovery, along with impressing upon employees the importance of initiatives to reduce earthquake damage.

In April 2016, AISIN Group established the Quality Learning Zone for the purpose of learning from past failures. In July 2018, AISIN Group installed a “tunnel for learning how scary quality problems can be” based on the theme of knowing and feeling the importance of quality at a company, to further improve quality awareness. AISIN Group also plans to create a new simulator, present feedback from people who have experienced quality issues in the past and share expertise gained from past faults and defects at various group companies when needed.

*Aisin Densho-kan is not open to the general public.

Aisin Densho-kan
The “tunnel for learning how scary quality problems can be”
The “tunnel for learning how scary quality problems can be”