With the aim of realizing the corporate principle of the new Aisin “Inspiring ‘movement,’ creating tomorrow,” Aisin Group has worked together to promote implementation of corporate behavior that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society, such as "contribution to the creation of a prosperous society" and "harmony with society and nature."

We believe that in order to build a sustainable society, it is vital for each and every employee to think and act on their own about how they can contribute to society through our business activities and continue to take on the challenge of solving social issues.

We don’t only contribute to the evolution of real mobility, but also provide people around the world with a variety of mobility experiences that move people's hearts. By taking on the challenge of technological development, we will provide concrete solutions to various social issues, including carbon neutrality, and become a solutions company that realizes a society full of excitement and smiles.

President:Moritaka Yoshida