About Aisin Message from Top Management

About Aisin Message from Top Management

Currently, the automotive industry is undergoing once-in-a-century changes, with the rapidly developing CASE-related fields. The technology and products the world is looking for have completely changed, and with other industries seeking a share of the market, our competitive environment surrounding our group is facing changes.

In these cataclysmic times, in order that we will become a corporate group that can survive the next 50 years, Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. and Aisin AW Co., Ltd. merged business operations in April 2021, making a new start as Aisin Corporation. Upholding the new AISIN Group management philosophy of “Inspiring ‘movement’, creating tomorrow,” we will not only contribute to the evolution of physical movement but also provide people across the world with every experience of “movement” that inspires people. Also, we strive to help to create a sustainable society where people are all smiles by resolving various challenges in society, including efforts to curb global warming and reduce fatal traffic accidents, through our products and services.

The whole of the AISIN Group is working together to achieve a society that delivers inspiration and happiness with the aim of becoming a vehicle dynamics system partner for driving, turning, stopping and comfort.

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing guidance and support.

Chairman:Kanshiro Toyoda
  President:Kiyotaka Ise