Sustainability Management

Promoting sustainability activities

Basic stance

Sustainability activities are at the heart of the AISIN Group’s management philosophy, and are the foundation of our initiatives for continuous future growth.
We have created a system for autonomous learning and growth of organizations and people, in order to build relationships of trust with diverse stakeholders and provide them with forward-looking value, thereby realizing our Group Philosophy.


We have developed the AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior and the Guidelines on Compliance with Social Responsibility to promote sustainability.

AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior

Guidelines on Compliance with Social Responsibility


With the aim of gaining the support and trust of all stakeholders, enhancing our presence as the AISIN Group globally, and contributing to the sustainable development of society, we engage in three key activities.

Key sustainability activities:

  • Contributing to the resolution of social issues through business activities (accomplishment of the SDG targets for FY2031)
  • Involving all employees in initiatives for the sustainability
  • Building relationships of trust (engagement) with stakeholders

Promotion frameworks

The direction of sustainability-related activities is discussed and decided at our Sustainability Conference every year. Chaired by the President, the Conference consists of the Corporate Officers and presidents of 11 Group Companies. Additionally, the Board of Directors, the Corporate Officers Committee, and other bodies supervise activities and check their progress.

Sustainability Conference

Frequency Generally twice a year
Chair President

Sustainability Promotion Office, Corporate Planning Division

This office consists of full-time members and cross-sectional, non-full-time members selected from departments that are closely involved in initiatives for sustainability, and also from Group companies.

Major agenda
  • Sharing the latest trends in sustainability
  • Discussing and deciding sustainability policies that respond to social demands from a medium- to long-term perspective
  • Determining, developing, and following up on SDG targets and KPIs for FY2031