Since we were first established, we have adhered to a “Quality First” mindset, and our practices have been guided by the principles of contributing to the advancement of society and harmony with society and nature. Here are some of the sustainability activities we carry out as we create appealing products that will satisfy our customers.

AISIN Group’s vision for sustainability

We promote business practices that contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, and working to achieve the SDGs is part of our medium- to long-term business strategies. Here are some of our initiatives.

Sustainability initiatives

To accelerate our initiatives to solve social issues through our business activities, we have selected priority issues based on the 17 goals and 169 targets of the SDGs. Here are our seven priority issues and the activities we are working on to address them.

Relationship with stakeholders

We focus on dialog with a wide range of stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, employees and local communities, so that we can meet our stakeholders’ expectations. Here are some examples of what we do.

Initiatives to raise awareness within AISIN Group

We have initiatives in place to make sure each and every AISIN employee understands the importance of the SDGs and ESG so that we can continue to be a corporate group that is needed by society.