AISIN Group has brought the world a wide range of competitive products since we were first established.

We achieved this with a global development framework that enables us to incorporate the world's needs into our development as quickly as possible, a unique integrated evaluation system to support this framework and collaboration with a wide range of industries to develop advanced technology that is not confined by not-invented-here syndrome.

We are also accelerating our digital transformation in our technology development to make Aisin even more competitive.

Contributing to society through engineering development based on a research and development structure in a broad range of fields

Aisin established the technically oriented think tank, Technova, in 1978. As shown in this movie, it has continued working on surveys and leading technology research and development and has carried out activities that contribute to human development through science and technology.

Aisin will continue to help advance social issues through engineering development based on an R&D structure in a broad range of fields.