AISIN Group Philosophy Inspiring “movement”, creating tomorrow
AISIN Group Philosophy Inspiring “movement”, creating tomorrow


We will deliver beauty to our future earth, bringing freedom and happiness to "movement".


We will act on our dreams and aspirations, show concrete solutions to
environmental and social challenges, focusing on the evolution of "movement" by way of clean power as the core and create a safe and comfortable future for everyone.


To our colleagues, growth and happiness

We will be a company that respects diversity and individual personalities and takes on challenges, one in which our people can act independently and aspire to contribute to society, where they can sense their own growth, take reward from their work, and find happiness in their lives.

To our customers, inspiration and trust

We will innovate secure, comfortable, and convenient mobility, that delivers happiness and inspiration towards "movement," with new value that exceeds customer expectations.

To the future, a sustainable environment

We will contribute to creating a better environment through electrification of mobility and clean power that makes effective use of energy for a society that is in harmony with nature and where everyone can live with peace of mind.