Three strengths of AISIN Group

Development committed to customers
(technology development)

Since its founding, Aisin has consistently delivered a wide range of competitive products to the world. This was achieved by our global development framework, which enabled us to incorporate the world's needs into our development as quickly as possible, unique integrated evaluation system to support the development, and cutting-edge technology development through collaborations with a wide range of industries to avoid the “not-invented-here” syndrome. To further enhance our competitiveness, we will accelerate digital transformation in technology development.

Cometence of shaping and embodying
(excellent manufacturing)

Aisin continuously promotes innovation to develop unique production methods and equipment for next-generation products. At the same time, we also focus our efforts on passing on our manufacturing skills and developing human resources for manufacturing on a global scale. To further enhance our competitiveness, we are also working to accelerate digital transformation in manufacturing.

Wide-ranging business domain (cohesive strength as group)

Aisin is engaged in a variety of businesses that satisfy diverse needs by combining all of its technologies that it has acquired through working on auto parts and energy-related products to generate new products and services.

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To achieve a mobility society that is friendly to the environment as well as humans, AISIN Group offers a wide range of products covering nearly all components that comprise an automobile through its high level technical capabilities.

Machine parts and tooling behind AISIN Group's businesses and companies electronic products

High-performance coating damping materials

Energy Solutions

We are helping to build an environmentally friendly community by providing clean and highly efficient energy-related products.

New Business and Others

We are engaged in new business based on technologies and expertise cultivated in the mobility business.