Basic policy

Our basic policy for procurement is described below.

1. Mutual development through mutual trust

Based on the principle of coexistence and mutual prosperity, we seek mutual development with our suppliers through various activities.
To achieve this, we believe it is important to build relationships of trust through close, interactive communication with our suppliers.

2. Open and fair competition

We provide all companies wishing to do business with us with an opportunity to participate in conducting transactions in an open and fair manner, regardless of nationality, scale, or history of transactions.
We select suppliers by comprehensively evaluating not only quality, technical capabilities, cost, and delivery times but also safety, attitude toward continuous improvement, and other factors.

3. Promotion of green procurement

We intend to procure environmentally friendly parts, raw materials, and materials from environmentally conscious suppliers, with the aim of enhancing environmental conservation efforts in cooperation with our suppliers.

4. Promotion of localization to be a good corporate citizen

We aim to become a supplier operating worldwide and to contribute to creating an enriched society as a good corporate citizen.
To this end, we seek to expand our corporate activities globally and actively promote localization in each region as a local enterprise.

5. Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with all applicable laws and regulations in our procurement activities.
We also exercise due care in the handling of confidential information obtained through transactions.