Basic Approach

We endeavor to disclose information to our shareholders and investors in a timely, appropriate and fair manner and enhance the transparency of our management, so that our corporate value is properly assessed in the stock market. We proactively disclose not only the information stipulated in relevant laws/regulations and rules relating to disclosure but also corporate information, such as medium- and long-term management plans and initiatives for sustainability. We work to establish and maintain relationships of trust with our shareholders and investors by engaging in continuous dialogue with them, and properly reflect feedback from them in our corporate activities.

Disclosure Standards

We disclose information in accordance with the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other laws and regulations, as well as rules on timely disclosure of corporate information set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereinafter, the “Timely Disclosure Rules”). We proactively and fairly disclose even information whose disclosure is not required by laws and regulations or the Timely Disclosure Rules if we deem it useful for shareholders and investors in making investment decisions. We observe the fair disclosure rules regarding fair and appropriate information disclosure, properly control undisclosed important information, and provide our shareholders and investors with information in a fair manner.

Method of Disclosure

We disclose information stipulated by the Timely Disclosure Rules via the Timely Disclosure Network (“TDnet”) system provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and also quickly post the same information on our website. For other information that we deem useful for investment decisions by shareholders and investors, we disclose such information through TDnet, the corporate website, or other media, in an appropriate manner depending on the contents.