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Established in 1965, Aisin has evolved with the auto industry as a global supplier of essential automotive components, systems and technologies for OEM and Aftermarket customers.


TOP10※1Aisin is consistently ranked as a Top 10 global Tier One automotive supplier

  • ※1Consolidated sales for 2022
    (January – December)
    Source: Automotive News
4,910 billion JPY ※Revenue for FY 2024 [Powertrain] 2,723billion JPY(55.5%) [Chassis and Vehicle Safety System] 989billion JPY(20.1%) [Body] 939billion JPY(19.1%) [Energy Solutions] 135billion JPY(2.8%) [CSS] 123billion JPY(2.5%)


We redefine mobility through our broad range of technologies and product lines that cover almost all automobile domains.

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We develop and manufacture a variety of innovative products and systems that are among the highest market shares globally.

More and more innovative products are on their way!
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These products are supported by approximately 120,000 employees working in more than 20 countries and regions
(as of March 2023)

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Aisin is expanding globally!

We are engaged in research and development on a global scale to create products and technologies essential to our future.
We have a growing list of poduction bases around the world that will produce these technologies.

We will meet all needs for vehicles and mobility by leveraging our technological and manufacturing capabilities.

Key Initiative 1Accelerating vehicle electrification

We contribute to a carbon neutral society by improving power consumption and vehicle efficiency.

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Key Initiative 2Enhancing the safety,
comfort, and convenience of personal transportation

We support safe and secure transportation by combining multiple sensing technologies to detect the presence and condition of occupants.

Taking on further challenges in new fields. We will create new value with the technology and the expertise we have cultivated in the mobility field.

  • Aftermarket Business

    Providing a wide range of OEM-quality, Aftermarket repair parts and maintenance supplies.

  • YYSystem

    Speech-to-text tool to support communication with the hearing impaired and the elderly.


    The world‘s first*3 water particle conversion technology. Expected to be used in the fields of personal beauty and wellness industries, agriculture, etc.
    *3 According to research by Aisin

We deliver environmentally friendly products from our plants that are focused on zero emissions.

With the goal of building a society where everyone can live with peace of mind, in harmony with nature, we are implementing various initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality in production and in products.
Here are some examples.

We are developing various environmentally friendly technologies such as Perovskite solar cells and CO2 fixation.

We are introducing ultra-eco equipment to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and achieve zero-emissions in our plants by 2040.

We are contributing to the electrification of mobility with a wide range of electrification products.

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Transforming into a solutions-based company focused on safety and satisfaction in an exciting mobility society.

Under one united vision, our 120,000 Aisin Group members will continue to contribute to society through mobility related products, technologies and systems.