Pursuing excellence in production technology

To provide products with reliable quality, Aisin has for more than 50 years been committed to manufacturing and has established outstanding production technology. In addition to ceaselessly updating our innovative industrial processes and equipment to create next-generation products, we have established a system that allows us to produce high-quality products anywhere in the world. We are stepping up efforts to cultivate globally-oriented human resources with proficiency in skilled manufacturing techniques to pass on skills for monozukuri to the next generation.

Developing innovative industrial processes and equipment

1. Research and Development

We conduct research and development of new technologies and industrial processes necessary for production.

2. Evaluation through prototyping

Prototype production using a metal 3D printer

We manufacture prototypes necessary for product evaluation and production preparation. By utilizing innovative technologies such as modeling technology equipped with a large metal 3D printer, we have achieved a significant reduction in the evaluation period compared to conventional methods.

3. Industrial process design

Industrial process design using digital technology

We design a series of processes to complete a product by optimally combining materials, equipment, and people. We work to use advanced digital technology to start new lines efficiently in the shortest possible time.

4. Equipment design

We develop, design, and assemble equipment. As with industrial process design, we promote efficiency in development through the use of digital technology. In addition to adopting advanced technology, we also incorporate traditional Japanese "karakuri" technology to create environmentally friendly equipment.

5. Preparation for production

Equipment is installed in the plant to launch production. We adjust the equipment to ensure that the production line runs as planned, preparing for mass production.

6. Mass production

After mass production begins, we work with the production site to ensure stable equipment operation and production. We constantly improve our equipment and production lines with the aim of achieving unbeatable quality.

Deploying highly reliable equipment globally

We develop production equipment at two domestic bases and deploy globally the innovative technology and highly reliable equipment created there. We have built a system that allows us to produce high-quality products anywhere in the world.

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Cultivating human resources for monozukuri

Based on the idea that human resource development forms the foundation for monozukuri, we concentrate our efforts on fostering these individuals so that they may pass on Aisin's long-cultivaved knowledge and expertise to the next generation as well as adopt new education fields that respond to changing times, such as AI.

Experiencing monozukuri using equipment
Basic learning of motor structure and equipment
Learning about mechanisms through product disassembly
Learning how to use digital technology