AISIN Group does its utmost to create a safe and rich society through cooperations with all of our stakeholders, including employees, customers and local communities.

Responsibility to Employees

We work to create a company culture where the human rights of all of our employees are respected and diversity is welcomed.

Responsibility to Customers

We carry out global activities to make sure our customers come first in everything we do, based on our “Quality First” mindset.

Responsibility to Suppliers

We work to build a trust relationship with our suppliers, treating them like partners in our business with the aim of coexistence and mutual prosperity.

Responsibility to Local communities

We actively engage with communities to contribute to sustainable development based on our principle of harmony with society and nature.

Responsibility to Shareholders and Investors

At AISIN Group, we place great importance on dialog with shareholders and investors. We are always striving to communicate more so that we can disclose the information that is needed, when it is needed, and enhance the information we disclose.

Performance data (social initiatives)

We have provided HR data including numbers of employees, number of new hires, investment in our employees and diversity and inclusion initiatives.