AISIN Group understands the importance and urgency of protecting our environment. We are dedicated to improving products as well as production processes to make carbon neutrality a reality.
At each AISIN Group production site, we developed and introduced technoligies for: "Energy Saving", "Renewable Energy", "CO2 Recovery and Utilization" and "Waste Heat Utilization". Meanwhile, we will promote a cycle of CO2 utilization by means of methanation, immobilization and other processes as recovered CO2, material and waste is recycled in cooperation with our suppliers, OEMs, users and other stakeholders.

These efforts bring us closer to carbon neutrality and directly contribute to the recycling and diffusion of energy and resources in local communities.

AISIN Group's Initiatives to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality in terms of production

Our success in achieving zero emissions will be reliant upon our ability to continue creating production plants and processes that are friendly to people and the global environment. We promote the practical application of carbon-neutral technologies focusing on four key themes: Power source/heat source/waste reduction; Power generation/combustion; CO2 reuse and Energy management.

Zero-emission plants that help people and the planet

Carbon neutrality in terms of products

Aisin will reduce power consumption in the entire vehicle through a wide range of products including electrified powertrains, brakes and body-related products. Even beyond the automotive industry, we will continue to contribute to carbon neutrality through products like fuel cells for home use and region-based energy management products and technologies.

Product Initiatives for Carbon Neutrality

Mobility Field

To best improve the efficiency of energy utilization throughout the entire vehicle, we have initiatives in three areas: electric units, control brakes and electrification-related systems. We are focusing on a full electric unit product lineup and high efficiency and size reduction resulting in a significant reduction in battery usage. We are focusing strategic efforts on developing cooperative regenerative brake systems for all vehicle classes. In addition, our efforts to reduce power consumption by systemization and enhanced functionality of thermal management contribute to resource and energy savings in the entire vehicle.

Efforts for Electrification in the Mobility Field