Recognizing carbon neutrality as an urgent global issue, AISIN Group seeks to realize a carbon-neutral society in terms of both “production” and “products.”

To this end, our operating sites have been working on various global activities, including the development and introduction of technologies for reducing energy use, utilizing renewable energy, capturing and using CO2, and using waste heat. In cooperation with stakeholders, including trading partners, OEMs and users, we have also been promoting a wide range of activities toward carbon neutrality, from recycling captured CO2 by leveraging methanation and immobilization technologies, to recycling resources and waste by using eco-design in manufacturing from the perspective of “producing no waste or pollution,” “continuing to use materials and products,” and “utilizing recyclable resources.”

Through these activities, we will contribute to ensuring that energy and resources are recycled and used extensively in local communities.

AISIN Group's Initiatives to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality in terms of production

AISIN Group has been implementing various initiatives with a focus on “reduction in power sources, heat sources, and waste,” “clean energy” and “resource recycling aimed at zero waste,” in order to achieve carbon neutrality in production by 2035, achieve zero CO2 emissions in plants by 2040, and achieve carbon neutrality on a global, Group-wide level by 2050.

Zero-emission plants that help people and the planet

Carbon neutrality in terms of products

Aisin will reduce power consumption in the entire vehicle through a wide range of products including electrified powertrains, brakes and body-related products. Even beyond the automotive industry, we will continue to contribute to carbon neutrality through products like fuel cells for home use and region-based energy management products and technologies.

Product Initiatives for Carbon Neutrality