Based on technologies and manufacturing expertise cultivated in the automotive parts industry, AISIN continues to expand in new business fields and create new value.

Child Presence Detection System

Child Presence Detection System (Movie)

We are developing a system that can accurately recognize the presence of a child and notify individuals outside the vehicle if a child is left alone in the car. The system, which detects the presence of an unattended child, uses high-precision sensing technology that can detect even the slightest chest movement when a child breathes.

Fine water particle “AIR”

This technology allows conversion of water molecules in the air into extremely small water particles* which are used in the beauty field for regulating the moisture environment of hair and skin, and improving the function of the skin barrier. Furthermore, we are conducting research and development for use in the agriculture industry as well as various other fields.

* One-six hundredth the size of those produced by general steam vaporizers

A real-time speech recognition application “YYProbe”

YYProbe is a real-time speech-to-text app. It is used to facilitate communication with people who have hearing difficulties.
Through the combination of a transparent display integrated with an acrylic panel, the system has been deployed to support the information desk of local government offices.

* The app currently supports Japanese only.

PARS (Pendulum Acceleration Reduction System)

PARS technology reduces the effects of acceleration/deceleration and pitching/yawing caused by turning.
With the pendulum principle in use, even large objects can be optimally controlled with low power consumption.
We are working on its development to contribute to the stable movement of people and goods regardless of road conditions and vehicle behavior.

Personal mobility “ILY-Ai”

ILY-Ai is a multi-functional personal shopping mobility partner that can be modified for a variety of user needs.

Fiber Laser

This is a processing laser that uses a femto-second pulse to enable processing that minimally causes heat damage to the peripheral area and micro-fabrication of transparent and ultra-hard materials, which are traditionally difficult to work with.

Audio Equipments (“TAOC”)

TAOC is Aisin Takaoka's high-end audio brand.Aisin Takaoka offers products with excellent rigidity and damping qualities by leveraging a wealth of experience in automobile components and high-carbon iron damping technologies. Its high definition and sound clarity have been highly regarded by the audio industry. Aisin Takaoka also offers well-balanced lines of audio products, including speaker systems and speaker stands.