For better communication with customers, AISIN CORPORATION (hereinafter the “AISIN”) has established the following Social Media Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”).

Purpose of use of social media

Aiming to have many more people understand the products and services of the AISIN Group and passion of its employees for the Group's products and services, we offer information and conduct communication using social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.).

Our stance concerning use of social media

AISIN engages in dialogue as a sensible participant and with a moderate attitude with the understanding that social media are forums for communication based on personal connections with individuals and that once information is posted it becomes broadly disseminated around the world and can never be entirely deleted.

  1. AISIN complies with national and regional laws and regulations as well as working regulations and other internal rules, which are behavior standards for AISIN Group employees.
  2. While listening to its stakeholders, AISIN actively offers information so as to provide them with experience as useful as possible.
  3. AISIN takes care concerning the content of information that is posted and the manner in which it is distributed and makes an effort to avoid the distribution of incorrect information or information that may be misunderstood.
  4. If incorrect or inappropriate information is distributed, or language that can lead to misunderstanding or inappropriate language is used, AISIN promptly apologizes and corrects the information.
  5. AISIN does not conceal its identity and uses good common sense when posting information and engaging in dialogue.
  6. AISIN complies with the rules of individual social media communities created and operated by third parties and respects their existing and unique culture and mannerisms.
  7. AISIN respects the rights of third parties, such as intellectual property rights and privacy rights, and takes care not to harm the rights or reputations of others.

Social Media Terms of Use

Matters complied with and agreed on concerning use

Reply to and deletion of posts, blocking, etc.

  1. Although the policy concerning responses differs according to social media, AISIN cannot promise to reply to all comments received.
  2. If a user posts a message about AISIN's SNS official accounts that falls under the following items (including acts that may lead to such acts), AISIN can delete such a comment or block the account of the relevant user temporarily or permanently or take other appropriate measures without prior or post notice to the relevant user.
    • Content that violates laws or public order and morals
    • Content that may lead to a criminal act
    • Personal information (including a face photo) without permission of the person in question
    • Content that attacks, criticizes or slanders any individuals or groups or damages their reputation or credibility
    • Content that includes obscene language
    • Content concerning race, ethnicity, gender, religion and politics
    • Content that discriminates against others based on race, ideology, belief, etc. or content that encourages such discrimination
    • Content that is intended for political or religious activities or election campaigns, or similar activities to them
    • A mere rumor or content that encourages such rumor, or content that includes false information
    • Content by a person who may impersonate another person
    • Content that includes a harmful program or other malicious content
    • Content that infringes on the trademark right, copyright, other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy or other rights of other users, AISIN or third parties
    • Content that causes inconvenience, disadvantage or loss to other users, third parties, AISIN, its employees or someone else
    • Content prohibited by each social media operating company
    • An act that hampers the operation of AISIN's SNS official accounts or any other act that interferes with AISIN's SNS official accounts
    • Content that is against the intent of these terms of use or is not related to AISIN's SNS official accounts
    • An act that is intended for for-profit activities
    • An act that tampers with all or part of the content offered by AISIN's SNS official accounts
    • Other acts that AISIN deems to be inappropriate

Follow, share, retweet, etc.

As necessary, AISIN can follow other accounts, express its support of certain posts of other accounts by using the Like button, etc. or sharing (including retweet) the posts, and cancel or delete such reactions.

Rights, etc.

The copyright and all intellectual rights (including but not limited to copyright, design right, patent right, utility model right, trademark right and knowhow) of information displayed on AISIN's SNS official accounts are the property of AISIN or their respective owners that have a legitimate right.

Users are deemed to grant to AISIN a permanent right to use (including but not limited to sublicense, process, extract, copy, publicize and translate) their posts on its SNS official accounts globally on a non-exclusive basis with no charge and to consent not to exercise their copyright, etc. to AISIN. Content posted may be used for AISIN's future activities, marketing, etc.

Personal information

AISIN appropriately manages such information based on thebased on the Privacy Policy established by AISIN.established by AISIN.

If users are registered as fans of AISIN's official SNS accounts, they are deemed to grant to AISIN access to their account, profile information (including name, profile photos, sex, user ID and friend list).

Compensation for damage

If AISIN suffers a loss by an act of a user, AISIN can make a claim for the loss against the user in question. If a user inflicts a loss on a third party when using any of AISIN's official SNS accounts, the user in question shall solve the matter concerning the loss under his or her own responsibility and at his or her own expense.

Prohibited matters

When using AISIN's official social media accounts, users shall not perform the following acts (including acts that may lead to such acts).

  1. An act that infringes on rights or benefits of AISIN, other users or other third parties
  2. An act that slanders or insults AISIN, other users or third parties or damages their reputation, credibility, privacy, etc. (including disclosure of mail addresses, telephone numbers, addresses or other information that may lead to personal identification) or an act that interferes with their operations
  3. An act that violates the Public Offices Election Act
  4. An act that encourages others to participate in a religious foundation or other organizations/associations
  5. An act that solicits investments, contributions, funding, purchase of products or services, etc.
  6. An act that introduces other websites that AISIN deems to be inappropriate or encourages others to visit such websites or an act that utilizes this service to download files
  7. An act that uses information obtained through this service for profit
  8. An act that uses this service to send harmful programs or files, such as viruses that interfere with the normal functions of computer software or hardware, to AISIN, other users, or third parties
  9. An act that posts information or any other content that is unauthorized to be posted on this website
  10. An act that infringes the provision or use of this service by AISIN, other users, or third parties
  11. An act that gains unauthorized access to this website by hacking or any other ways or monitors or reproduces all or part of this website
  12. An act that may be against other SNS terms of use, public order, morals, regulations or punitive laws, or any other act that AISIN deems to be inappropriate


  1. AISIN shall give no guarantee of the accuracy, or completeness of information offered through AISIN's official SNS accounts. Information offered through AISIN's official SNS accounts is as of its publication and may be changed thereafter.
  2. AISIN shall not take any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the use of AISIN's official SNS accounts or by users or caused by the inability of users of AISIN's official SNS accounts.
  3. AISIN shall not in any way be liable for any problems or disputes arising among users or between third parties and users concerning AISIN's official SNS accounts.
  4. AISIN shall give no guarantee or authorization of information obtained through users' posts, etc.
  5. AISIN makes official announcements and publicizes its views through its official website, news releases, and other ways. Information provided by AISIN and its employees through social media is not necessarily the official announcement or views of AISIN. Also, content posted by users does not necessarily express opinions and ideals of AISIN, its employees or parties concerned.

Changes to the Terms of Use

AISIN can change the Terms of Use without users' permission. In this case, the revised Terms of Use shall be effective upon publication on AISIN's website or by other methods.