With the electrification of vehicles dramatically changing the automotive industry, in order to adapt to the changing business environment, Aisin has been working on the development of various technologies that contribute to the electrification of vehicles, based on the technologies and knowledge it has accumulated thus far through the development of automotive parts. We will continue to deliver “inspiration” to our customers around the world through innovative products that we can provide as a company with deep knowledge and experience of automobiles.

Aisin's eAxle lineup

Aisin is proceeding with the development of a full lineup of electric units, taking into consideration the different energy conditions depending on the region. Among these, we are positioning the eAxle for BEVs as a flagship product. Aisin has already begun mass production of the first generation eAxle. We are currently developing a second and third generation eAxle with an expanded lineup, which will boast higher efficiency and be more compact.

The second generation is jointly under development with BluE Nexus and Denso. Using the latest high-efficiency and low-cost technology, we offer models with different characteristics, ranging from small models that focus on downsizing to large models that feature high output, and models that are suitable for commercial vehicles.
Furthermore, with the “third generation, ”we aim to achieve half the volume of the second generation with overwhelmingly high efficiency and miniaturization.
We are also promoting the development of “Xin1,” which integrates heat management and power converters based on the “third generation eAxle. ” We will contribute to the creation of new cars in a wide range of ways, including adaptability to any vehicle, expanding cabin space, and reducing the amount of batteries installed by increasing power consumption efficiency.

Taking on the challenge of electrification with a wide variety of product groups

Aisin's strength lies in its wide-ranging knowledge and technologies that it has amassed over many years as a driving force in the automobile industry. Utilizing a wide range of product groups and construction methods, we are developing a variety of products that contribute to increasing power consumption efficiency of not only the eAxle but also the entire vehicle.
We will also expand our lineup of “cooperative regenerative brake systems,” which contribute to higher power consumption efficiency by recovering the power to stop a vehicle as electricity. Also, through means such as integrating “aerodynamic devices,” which reduce air resistance when the vehicle is running, and heat management devices, we aim to increase the power consumption efficiency of the entire vehicle by 18% or more.
We are also working on the development of high-value-added products that take advantage of the BEV transition, such as functionally integrated bodies centered on cell frames that utilize our raw material technology, heat management technology, and crash design and analysis technology.

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Aisin Group Report 2023