With the electrification of vehicles dramatically changing the automotive industry, in order to adapt to the changing business environment, Aisin has been working on the development of various technologies that contribute to the electrification of vehicles, based on the technologies and knowledge it has accumulated thus far through the development of automotive parts. We will continue to deliver “inspiration” to our customers around the world through innovative products that we can provide as a company with deep knowledge and experience of automobiles.

Electric Drive Unit Lineup

Considering that the factors of energy mix, policy toward carbon neutrality, and customer needs vary according to the country, the most appropriate electric drive units differ from region to region. To accommodate various customer needs, Aisin is striving to establish a development system to create a full lineup of electric drive units for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

We are currently working with BluE Nexus and Denso to develop the 2nd Generation eAxle for BEVs, which is positioned as the most important strategic product. Three types of the 2nd Generation eAxle will be developed in line with car size—from the small type pursuing size reduction to the large type featuring high output—by employing the latest high-efficiency and cost-reduction technologies. The medium-size model, which pursues high efficiency, will increase power consumption efficiency by approximately 15% in combination with aerodynamic devices.

The 3rd Generation eAxle will realize overwhelmingly high efficiency and size reduction via motor and gear train reforms. The 3rd Generation eAxle, featuring half the volume of the 2nd Generation model, will provide high mountability for various types of BEVs, large cabin and trunk space, expanded battery space, and increased power consumption efficiency due to reduced battery volume, thereby extensively contributing to customers’ manufacturing of new vehicles.

Electrification taking advantage of our wide range of product lineups

Aisin’s strengths lie in the technologies and broad knowledge it has accumulated thus far as an automotive industry-leading company.

We will develop attractive products that feature “high efficiency” and “compact size” in the four areas of “electric drive units,” “brakes,” which contribute to the efficient use of energy by generating power as the vehicle stops, “aerodynamic devices,” which reduce resistance during driving, and “heat management devices,” which enhance efficiency by keeping batteries at appropriate temperatures. Furthermore, we will contribute to the electrification of vehicles as a whole by combining and integrating these products.