AISIN Group’s manufacturing and other business activities are designed with the aim of helping to create a sustainable society in which people will live in harmony with the environment well into the future.

Environmental Policy

We have established a basic policy to create a sustainable society through our business activities with the aim of achieving harmony with society and nature.

Establishment of a Low-Carbon Society

We aim to reduce CO2 emissions to zero throughout the life cycle of our products. We are working to achieve this by creating medium- to long-term reduction scenarios and establishing production technology.

Establishment of a Recycling-Oriented Society

We are working to reduce our environmental impact to zero by thoroughly recycling resources in our product development, production and distribution processes and making effective use of water resources.

Establishment of a Society in Which People Coexist with Nature

We are actively working to achieve harmony with nature by reducing chemical substances and preserving biodiversity in the interest of protecting the natural environment.

Fundamental Activities: Environmental Management

We are continuously improving our environmental management system (EMS) with the aim of being one of the most environmentally friendly companies.

Resources Used and Emissions Released

We have provided information on the resource usage and emissions of 33 domestic companies in AISIN Group.

Environmental Accounting

We have provided figures for our environmental conservation costs and the effects of our environmental conservation measures.

Performance data (environmental initiatives)

We have provided performance data on environmental management, greenhouse gases, energy and chemical substances.