AISIN Group has built a solid foundation for the future of mobility thanks to extensive work on a wide range of technologies. These technologies include next-level drivetrain and body products as well as innovative software technologies like peripheral monitoring, electronic control and navigation. These core technologies will further evolve to integrate a vehicle’s detection, transmission and activation processes, and we will continue to enhance value by using methods like AI technology through digitalization.

Adding new value to vehicles through “integrated vehicle control”

AISIN takes efficiency, safety, comfort and driving to new levels by integrating various functions of highly reliable vehicle devices, thereby adding significant value to vehicles.

To best serve the needs of an electrified market, we will integrate technologies such as vehicle entry systems, occupant detection, biometric detection, and location information utilization, as well as drivetrain system products that meet diverse needs, to develop products and services aimed at solving social issues.

Vehicle intelligence brings excitement of movement mainstream

Vehicle intelligence enables itself to recognize the individuality and values of the user and to "connect" to the road infrastructure, environment, and society, thereby making it possible to offer “movement” customized to each individual. AISIN has the products and technology to make that dream a reality, creating vast new value in the future mobility society.
Aisin has a broad lineup of door opening and closing systems, as well as sensing technologies developed for automated parking and low-speed automated driving systems. By integrating these systems and technologies, we can create products that provide safe and comfortable movement. These products can be customized for each individual, regardless of age, gender, or handicap, including the Stress-Free Entry system, which helps passengers get in and out of the vehicle smoothly, and the vehicle interior safety monitoring system, which uses sensors to monitor the condition of passengers in the vehicle.

In the future, by combining these with connected technologies, we hope to deliver the excitement of “movement” to everyone through custom services that are matched to the user experience based on location information and the data collected to reflect the condition of the passengers.