Promotion of diversity

The strengths of our employees are the driving force of everything we do. In order to sustain AISIN Group’s growth, each and every employee must be committed to growing and taking on challenges.
We have a responsibility to create an environment where every employee can bring their wealth of ideas to the workplace, irrespective of attributes such as their gender, nationality, physical or mental health and the amount of time they have spent working at the company. We also have a duty to create support systems to retain our employees in the long term and allow them to connect what makes them unique to the value that society is looking for so that they can contribute as much as possible. This is what diversity means to us.

President Kiyotaka Ise
President Kiyotaka Ise

Diversity and inclusion is a critical strategy for surviving the changes that are taking place

AISIN Group strives to create a work culture where employees around the world can thrive. To keep moving as a company with healthy and sustainable growth, we must not merely extend what we have done before but constantly innovate to provide new value that will satisfy our customers and give us a competitive edge. Diversity and inclusion is an essential business strategy as we work to achieve this.

“Everyone is important”: Our diversity initiatives

One of AISIN’s deepest values is that everyone is important. This is a fundamental principle of the diversity initiatives we carry out to create workplaces that get the best from every Aisin Seiki employee.
We are striving to build a culture where female employees can be more involved, with initiatives including collecting feedback from our female employees, implementing measures to help them further their careers and increasing supervisors’ awareness. Our initiatives for employees with disabilities include measures to promote the hiring of people with disabilities, along with communication training for managers, a lifestyle consultant in each workplace and the building of a framework to support employees with disabilities and their workplaces at every stage from hiring to retention. We carry out various initiatives to enable elderly employees to contribute the wealth of skills they have amassed over the years, including on-site accommodations such as lighter tools and opportunities to pass on their skills to less experienced employees. We actively focus on hiring practices that do not discriminate by nationality, and have offered permanent employment to skilled non-Japanese employees for many years.
We are also working to create working environments that are accepting of LGBTQ+ employees.

Our keywords as we work toward a future that is more accepting of diversity

Everyone has their own experience, history, strong areas, ideas, mindsets about work and values, and different employees are in different stages of life. When different people bring their strengths to the table, the possibilities are endless.
Each employee has their part to play as we embark on a new era. We are actively working to create a culture where many different values are accepted and carrying out diversity management that will allow every employee to act on their own initiative, take on challenges and live a fulfilling life.

Diversity and inclusion roadmap

Diversity and inclusion roadmap

Promoting more active roles for female employees

AISIN Group strives to be a company where all female employees can thrive and bring their strengths to their work. To enable our female employees to be true to themselves and shine at work, we carry out initiatives to provide career support and help women to balance their work and home lives.

Career support for female employees

Measure Details
Kirari project to support women in the workplace A working group involving all job types (management, administrative, technical, skilled and practical positions), led by our president.
Feedback from local employees is sought and reflected in our measures (building of infrastructure, awareness raising, systemic improvements, etc.)
Ikubosu Academy A program in which managers learn about the principles of diversity and inclusion and the unique qualities that women bring to management positions, gain an understanding of health issues and learn management skills through experience
Ikubosu Exam An online test for all managers to promote an understanding of diversity and inclusion
Trailing Spouse Leave System A leave system for employees who cannot work due to their spouse relocating for reasons such as a transfer
Career Comeback System A system for rehiring employees who leave for unavoidable reasons such as raising children or caring for a family member
Awareness-raising Talks Regular talks to raise awareness among employees and supervisors about various topics
Seminars to Support Employees Returning to Work Training attended by employees and their spouses during parental leave to encourage couples to think about how they will share housework and childcare duties and how they will balance work with their home lives after parental leave ends
Individual Training for Prospective Managers Training to provide management experience on a planned basis to employees hoping to become managers
Career Mentor System A system in which employees who are concerned about how to balance their careers and home life can receive advice from a more experienced employee
Career Declaration System A system in which employees create their own medium- to long-term career and life plan and then meet with their supervisor for encouragement in building a career
Career Development Training Training providing employees with the support they need to build their career
Position Change System A system enabling employees to choose from many different career options
Company Day Care Two day care centers are available to serve employees in various locations. Employees can also use the Toyota Group’s day care centers.
Mama, Papa & Iku Boss Guide
(a guidebook on balancing work and home life)
This book is available for employees balancing work with raising children or caring for a family member
Various other systems Teleworking, paternity leave, Anshin (secured) holidays, reduced hours, flex time, support for employees receiving fertility treatment, etc.

Data on women in the workplace

Number and ratio of female employees*


*Former Aisin Seiki only

Number and ratio of female managers*


*Former Aisin Seiki only

Number of women hired*


*Former Aisin Seiki only

Targets for women in the workplace*

Results for fiscal year 2020 Targets for fiscal year 2031
Ratio of female managers in managerial positions 3.1% 7.0%
Female directors*1 1 2 or more
Women hired as new graduates
Administrative 34.5%*2 40%
Technical 11.6%*2 15%
  1. *1 Directors, operating officers and auditors
  2. *2 Employees who will start in April 2020

*Former Aisin Seiki only

Certification and awards for women in the workplace

Main awards and certification


Awarded Minister Prize for Equal Employment/Work-Life Balance in the category of Enterprises Promoting Equal Employment by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


Awarded as an Aichi Prefecture Family Friendly Company


Certified under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children


Award for Support of Child and Youth Development and Childcare


Aichi Ikumen & Iku Boss Company award


Aichi Ikumen & Iku Boss Company award


2-star certification (out of 3 stars) for Eruboshi, a system that recognizes action taken under the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace


Semi-Nadeshiko certification under the Nadeshiko Brand system


Nadeshiko certification under the Nadeshiko Brand system


The Database on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Aichi Prefecture Family Friendly Company award, fiscal 2015
Aichi Ikumen & Iku Boss Company award
Aichi Womanomics
Action Plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace Action Plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace(pdf)
Globally-minded employees

Creating a workplace in which globally-minded employees can thrive

To expand our business globally, it is essential to develop globally-minded employees. AISIN Group provides active support for our diverse employees who hope to work on the global stage, including various training systems for candidates for manager and officer positions at overseas sites, young key employees at overseas companies, Japanese staff who can work in international roles and skilled local employees of overseas companies.

Data on globally-minded employees

Number and ratio of non-Japanese employees*

Number and ratio of non-Japanese employees

*Former Aisin Seiki only

Initiatives to train local employees

Of the over 120,000 employees in AISIN Group, around 42% work in various overseas locations around the world.

To develop local officers, we hold top management training every year for managers and officers at overseas sites and have established a training plan (NEXT MAP PLAN) at each site to carry out systematic training initiatives.

In fiscal 2020, 52.5% of division heads and more senior management at Aisin Seiki’s overseas sites were local officers.

Top management training
Employees with disabilities

Creating a workplace in which people with disabilities can thrive

Supporting the growth of each person by respecting individuality. Aisin Seiki helps each of its employees to build a career plan and is working to branch into more fields so that everyone who works with us can enjoy a fulfilling career. We believe in normalizing workplaces where people with disabilities are not segregated from those without them, and are actively implementing a variety of initiatives such as conferences and workplace improvements to enable people with disabilities to enjoy fulfilling careers with us.

Data on employees with disabilities

Number and ratio of employees with disabilities*

 Number and ratio of employees with disabilities

*Figures are for June 1 of each year. (Former Aisin Seiki only)

Accessibility at Aisin Seiki

Aisin Seiki has a extensive range of accessibility features. Each area of our premises is designed to be accessible to people such as those with disabilities. Here are some examples:

  • There are elevators in both our head office and our plants.
  • The elevator buttons are in a location that is easy for wheelchair users to reach, as are mirrors and Braille signs.
  • Toilets are equipped with a hand rail.
  • Parking for people with disabilities is provided near each building.
  • Braille blocks are located in corridors between offices and roads around company buildings.

AISIN Group has continuously held joint interview sessions for people with disabilities since 2017. Our fourth joint interview was held in August 2019, and was attended by representatives from 19 group companies.

Joint interview sessions for people with disabilities in AISIN Group
Joint interview sessions for people with disabilities in AISIN Group

A special subsidiary called Aisin Well Smile Co., Ltd. was established in October 2019 and began operations in April 2020. In addition to putting in place working conditions that are better suited to the needs of people with special needs and creating and building on employment opportunities, we are providing operational support for employment of people with disabilities in each of our companies.

Elderly employees

Establishment of an environment where our employees can work as long as they want

Our initiatives for elderly employees include a new system for employees who wish to work with us again after retirement. Each of these employees is looking for various different things out of their second career with Aisin Seiki, and we do our best to rehire every former employee who wishes to return. We aim to rehire even more retirees in future, and are working to provide a fulfilling experience for returning employees by providing opportunities for them to pass on their skills and upskill if they wish.

Data on elderly employees

Number and ratio of re-employed retirees*

Number and ratio of re-employed retirees

*Former Aisin Seiki only

The five core companies in AISIN Group hold seminars for employees in their 50s, providing advice on points such as our re-employment system, health and the pension and retirement allowance system to help them plan the continuation of their career and their lifestyle after they reach retirement age.

We are also working to increase motivation for re-employed individuals through initiatives such as establishing technical legacy coaching sessions to pass on their advanced skills as part of efforts to further expand the re-employment of retirees.

Technical legacy coaching sessions
Technical legacy coaching sessions

Initiatives for LGBTQ+ employees

Aisin Seiki gives training to all managers to promote acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals. Case studies are also used at workplace meetings to foster understanding among all employees.

In addition to our awareness-raising work, we are working to remove barriers in our workplaces.

Making work more fulfilling as a management strategy

AISIN Group recognizes that to remain truly competitive and ensure our survival as a company, we need to address not only our employees’ workload but their experience of work as a whole. To accomplish this, we believe that we need to ensure that each and every employee has a fulfilling work life and create value that only AISIN can provide. As a measure to strengthen the foundation of our management and support sustainable growth, we are working to make work more fulfilling for our over 120,000 employees around the world, including those at our affiliated companies. In addition to supporting the growth of each and every employee, this improves our value as a company.

We are also visualizing employee engagement (fulfillment, adaptation, etc.), with a common survey carried out at our core five companies since fiscal year 2018. In future, we will broaden the scope of this work to include all companies in the group.

Creating a workplace with vitality

From fiscal year 2020, AISIN Group has introduced teleworking so that employees can work from anywhere at any time, and allows casual attire to encourage new ideas that are not bound by culture or customs. To facilitate effective use of time through our reforms of our working practices, we are rolling out new systems and working cultures such as early finishes on some days and support for self-learning.

We are also strengthening our company framework through Aisin Active Team Building Activities (ATBA), a team-building activity that fosters the communication and trust relationship required for a high-performing team, based on our mindset that every workplace and employee is the star.

Vision to make work more fulfilling
Vision to make work more fulfilling

Promotion of work-life balance

Shorter working hours and more paid leave taken

As part of our initiatives to make work more fulfilling, management and employees work together to promote a good work-life balance.

Target for paid leave taken
【Zero cutting of annual paid vacations】

This initiative aims to ensure planned use of annual paid leave and to prevent loss of paid vacations that employees were entitled to take but failed to take in time. Targets for paid vacations to be taken differ between individual employees (ranging between zero and 20 days).

【Minimum 14 days】

This initiative aims for all union members to take at least 14 annual paid vacations per year.

Monthly average overtime worked (Aisin Seiki)*

Monthly average overtime worked (Aisin Seiki)

*Former Aisin Seiki only

Annual paid leave taken (Aisin Seiki)*

Annual paid leave taken (Aisin Seiki)

*Former Aisin Seiki only

Average length of service*

Average length of service

*Former Aisin Seiki only

Work-life balance support system


Flex time (no core time) Employees are able to use this system any time within 24hours. Employees must work a minimum of two hours each day.
Annual paid leave 99% accomplishment rate for our initiative to achieve zero cutting of annual paid vacations (employees losing paid vacation time as a result of the carryover time being exceeded). We also achieved a 99% accomplishment rate for our Minimum 14 Days initiative, in which employees must take at least 14 days of paid vacation each year.
Anshin (secured) holidays Employees can bank up to 20 days of annual paid leave that would otherwise expire and use it later in the event that they become ill or injured, need to care for a spouse, parent, child or other loved one or wish to accompany a spouse who is giving birth (no age limit).
Trailing Spouse Leave System Employees can take a leave of absence for up to five years to accompany a spouse who is posted elsewhere in Japan or overseas. This system is not limited to those whose spouses work for Aisin Seiki.
Teleworking System As an initiative to reform our working practices, permanent employees who meet the conditions can work off-site.
LIFE SUPPORT CLUB This service provides a variety of welfare services for a low price, including accommodation and other essentials for daily life.
Company Day Care (Ai Mommies Kariya and Anjo) This service is designed to provide peace of mind for working parents. In addition to accommodating the days and hours worked by employees, the facilities serve handmade food based on needs such as children’s stage of growth and any allergies. Events are held throughout the year in areas such as company facilities so that families can have fun together.
Cafeteria Plan This service can be used as needed by each employee. Employees can choose from a range of welfare options including babysitting subsidies, day care subsidies and subsidies for purchasing and renting childcare items.
Seminars to Support Employees Returning to Work Seminars are held for employees on childcare leave to alleviate any concerns about their return to work.
Mama,Papa,Ikubosu Guide We publish a guidebook for employees who are about to have a child and their supervisors. This book covers points such as how the employee will work after they return, work regulations and procedures and information on support systems and how to use them.

Support systems for employees giving birth and raising children

Support systems for employees giving birth and raising children
Family Planning Support System Employees can work shorter hours or take leave while receiving fertility treatment.
Maternity Protection Regulations We take measures for pregnant employees to reduce commuting difficulties and offer additional breaks during pregnancy and allow them to work shorter hours or take leave.
Pregnancy and Maternity Leave System This can be used for six weeks before birth and eight weeks after.
Parental Leave System This can be used until the day before the eldest child turns two.
Short Working Hour System for Child Care This can be used in 15-minute increments within specified hours at any point between birth and age 11.
(Up to 488 hours per year can be used until age eight and 244 hours per year can be used for ages nine to 11.) The time at which the hours are used can be set each day.
Reduction or Elimination of Overtime
and Working on Weekends and
Holidays/Elimination of Night Work
Leave for Parents Caring for a Sick Child This is provided based on the number of children until the children start elementary school.
(Up to five days per year are provided for one child and 10 days per year are provided for two or more children.)

Support systems for family care

Support systems for family care
Reduction of Overtime and Elimination of Night Work
Family Care Leave System This is provided for up to three years per person requiring care.
Short Working Hour System for Family Care This can be used in 15-minute increments within specified hours by employees caring for a family member. (Up to 488 hours per year can be used.)
Short-term Family-care Leave Up to 10 days per year are provided for one person requiring care and 20 days per year are provided for two or more.
Cafeteria Plan This service can be used as needed by each employee. Employees can choose from a range of welfare options including subsidies for caregiving services, care facility subsidies and subsidies for purchasing and renting caregiving items.

Number of employees who used childcare or family care leave*

Number of employees who used childcare or family care leave

*Former Aisin Seiki only

Number of employees who used short working hours for childcare*

Number of employees who used short working hours for childcare

*Former Aisin Seiki only

Working toward a workplace where 100% of fathers take paternity leave

To enable fathers to take a more active role in raising their children, we are building a system and work culture that makes it easier to take paternity leave.

Fathers are allowed to take five days of special leave per year after the birth of their child(ren).