Initiatives to “Be With“ local communities

“Our people can act independently and aspire to contribute to society“ is a core corporate principle of ours, with AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior pledging to actively engage with society and contribute to sustainable development based on an awareness that companies are members of society.

Aisin develops a wide range of social contribution activities together with our stakeholders, through the three pillars of protection of nature and the environment, nurturing youth and community building and development. Through these activities, the group is working proactively to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of common goals for international society to work toward achieving by the year 2030.

Nurturing Youth

Children are the future, and helping them to grow up healthy is important to us. We carry out community activities, such as providing environmental education that teaches local children the importance of the environment and encourages them to protect it and live eco-friendly lives, and giving talks that will foster an interest in manufacturing. We also carry out sports initiatives to teach young people about health and get communities active.

Environmental education to facilitate self-directed eco-activities

AISIN Group is working together with government bodies and NPOs to roll out the AISIN Environmental Education Program for elementary school students. This education is now being provided remotely so that it can continue during the pandemic. 1,745 students from 23 elementary schools have attended these lessons.

A remote lesson
A remote lesson

Nurturing youth and getting communities active through sporting initiatives

We nurture youth and get communities active through sporting initiatives, led by Seahorses Mikawa, a professional basketball team in the B. LEAGUE. The athletes and coaches hold coaching sessions at local elementary schools to get them interested in basketball.

A basketball lesson
A basketball lesson

Donating uniforms to local junior high schools

In addition to making annual donations of second-hand clothes to social welfare facilities as part of its CSR activities, Aisin Automotive Haryana (Rohtak, Haryana State, India) began a new initiative by presenting winter jackets to all 350 students at local elementary schools in March 2018.

During the winter season, Rohtak experiences cold weather conditions with minimum temperatures of around 5°C. Because schools do not supply winter clothing and many children come from families with many children that cannot afford to purchase these clothes themselves, the company launched this initiative in the hope of contributing to improving the educational environment for these children. Moving forward as well, the company will aim to contribute to the local community by continuing to conduct activities in line with community needs.

Clothing being donated to children
Clothing being donated to children

Community Building and Development

To build sustainable societies where all people can live with safety and peace of mind, we carry out ongoing activities in a variety of areas, including traffic safety, health, welfare, support for regions impacted by disasters and support for independent living for people with disabilities.

Traffic safety activities in Japan and overseas

As a member of the automotive industry, we are actively carrying out activities at the sites of our 208 domestic and overseas group companies, including community activities to increase awareness of traffic safety, safety education for elementary school students, distribution of reflectors, safety talks and donations.

Four group companies in Thailand jointly held classroombased and interactive classes to improve traffic safety awareness among our trading partners and elementary school staff and students. Trading partners were given a talk about actions such as emergency braking and emergency steering, and the children were given a traffic safety lesson where they learned about the dangers of blind areas and suddenly running into the street.

Students learn about the blind areas of a vehicle
Students learn about the blind areas of a vehicle

New vending machines with donations

As a social contribution activity that all staff members can participate in easily, we have introduced vending machines with an option to donate part of payments to external organizations. The donations are used to support children with severe illnesses and give scholarships to children orphaned by traffic accidents.

A vending machine with donations in one of our companies
A vending machine with donations in one of our companies

Gifting vaccines to children in developing countries

Since fiscal year 2009, we have carried out an initiative in which we collect the caps of plastic bottles and gift vaccines to children in developing countries through the Japan Committee of Vaccines for the World‘s Children. In fiscal year 2021, we collected 2.93 million caps, which equates to vaccines for 3,400 children.

Vaccines given

Total of 28,000 people vaccinated

Recovery support for the areas affected by Kumamoto‘s heavy rains

In July 2020, employees volunteered to participate in recovery support activities. The volunteers cleaned homes and warehouses that had been flooded and removed large quantities of mud. We also donated to the recovery effort through Japan Platform and Central Community Chest of Japan.

Taking part in TABLE FOR TWO

Since fiscal year 2010, we have been taking part in TABLE FOR TWO (TFT), an activity aiming to provide food to developing countries and eradicate obesity and lifestyle diseases in industrialized countries, with a focus on imbalances in world food consumption. In fiscal year 2021, we raised enough money to provide 199,000 meals and achieved “Platinum Supporter“ status, the highest level awarded by TFT, for the eighth consecutive year. (We were the winner out of 330 participating companies in the employee cafeteria division.)

The thank-you letter we received as a platinum supporter
The thank-you letter we received as a platinum supporter

Meals given

Total of 131 millionmeals

Spending on social contribution activities

Our spending on social contribution activities can be classified into the following three categories according to the LBG (London Benchmarking Group) guidelines.

Category Amount (million yen)
Charitable donations 199
Community investment 508
Commercial initiatives 1,334
Total 2,041