List of Guidelines

1.Safety, Quality and Contribution to Creating a Sustainable Society

Social usability of products and services
We provide beneficial products and services while accurately understanding social needs and pursuing quality and prices that are accepted by customers.
Safety of products and services
We develop, produce and provide products and services while giving special consideration to safety.
Provision of adequate information in an easy-to-understand manner
We provide adequate information in an easy-to-understand manner in order to help customers reasonably select products and services.
Development of new technologies and products
We always strive to develop new technologies and products to provide excellent products and services to customers.
For the sake of maintaining and improving the capability to develop new technologies and products
To maintain and improve the capability to develop new technologies and products, we strive to foster creative human resources and develop a frank and open corporate climate.
Compliance with safety regulations around the world, etc.
To develop and provide useful products and services while giving consideration to safety, we comply with laws and regulations around the world and strive to understand the background society, culture and the like of each nation.


Each employee's compliance awareness
From senior management to every single employee, we strive to embrace corporate ethics, have a strong awareness of compliance, and act in a socially responsible manner.
Open and faithful acts
We neither pursue profit by illegal acts or unfair means, nor perform opaque acts that cannot be explained to international society. We are committed to fair, transparent and open competition and business while complying with the laws and regulations, social norms and business practices of each country and region.
To become a truly global company
We strive to revise our corporate systems and business customs, responding to the changing times from a standpoint of fairness and transparency so that they are always accepted by international society.
Appropriate business with consumers
We establish an appropriate business policy to comply with all related laws and regulations, and strive to respect their spirit with our partner companies.
Procurement transactions
We carry out procurement transactions by a fair and easy-to-understand procedure that is open to domestic and overseas companies while seeking mutual prosperity as a good business partner and striving to solve social issues together with the entire supply chain.
Healthy public and private relationships
We avoid acts that may invite suspicion that we have cozy relationships with the government or administration, and build healthy public and private relationships.
Information control, protection, etc.
We work to appropriately obtain, use, disclose, control and protect personal information and confidential information, and comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, the insider trading regulations, and the like.
Protection of intellectual property
We protect our intellectual property and respect others' intellectual property.
Response to antisocial forces
We adopt an attitude of resolution against antisocial forces and organizations, and never have any relationships with them.

3.Disclosure and Communication

Timely and appropriate information disclosure
We disclose information on entire corporate management that is truly required by society, including financial situation, business performance and description of business activities, in a timely and appropriate manner.
Active and positive communication with our stakeholders
We strive to actively and positively communicate with our stakeholders through public relations and hearing activities, including investor relations (IR) activities and dialogs with communities, thereby maintaining and developing healthy relationships.
Attitude for public relations activities
In public relations activities, our senior management strives to play an active role.

4.Respect for Human Rights

Respect for personality and human rights
We understand globally recognized human rights, and respect the human rights of all people related to our business activities based on the laws and regulations and labor customs of each country and region.
Fair recruitment
We strive to ensure equal opportunity in employment, and acquire awareness of a fair recruitment process that respects basic human rights and practice such a process.
Prohibition of forced labor, child labor and human trafficking
We comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region, and are never involved in forced labor, child labor or human trafficking in whatever form.

5.Promotion of Diversified Work Styles and Upgrading the Work Environment

Promotion of diversified work styles
We strive to upgrade our personnel and treatment systems so that diverse employees can establish their individuality as social beings and make the best possible use of their capacity.
Support to employees for career formation and ability development
We respect our employees' personality and provide them with support for their career formation and ability development so that they can make the most of their ability.
Creation of comfortable work environment
We create a comfortable work environment that is conscious of the safety and mental and physical health of our employees to help them live a healthy life so that they can maximize their capabilities. Furthermore, we never allow harassment at the workplace. When we receive any complaint about harassment, we immediately start an investigation and report to respond to such complaint sincerely, and strive to foster a healthy and vibrant work environment.
Compliance with laws and regulations about working hours and payment of wages
We comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region, and appropriately manage working hours and pay wages.
Securing the safety of employees and their families
To respond to the globalization of corporate activities, we strive to secure the safety of employees and their families by establishing a crisis management structure.
Sincere discussions and dialogues between labor and management
Through sincere discussions and dialogues with the labor union and other employee representatives or individual employees, we make united efforts to mutually flourish. We grant employees' the right to freely organize or not organize an association based on laws, regulations and the like of each country and region.


Establishment, etc. of management system
Based on environment-related laws, etc. of each country and region, to promote environmental activities, we establish a system for managing organizations, planned actions, responsibility allocation, processes and the like, and continue to operate and improve it.
To solve environmental issues
To help solve environmental issues, we strive to develop innovative technologies, products, services and the like by independently and actively investing human resources, technologies, expertise and other management resources.
Contribution to curbing global warming
To help curb global warming, we strive to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that are controlled by environmental regulations.
Thorough management of substances of concern
We conduct thorough management of substances of concern, including safe handling, storage, reuse, disposal and administrative report.
Reduction of final waste and effective use of resources and energy
We make efforts for resources and energy saving, recycling initiatives and the like in all phases of business activities, thereby reducing final waste and effectively using resources and energy.
Consideration to biodiversity
We are aware that the coexistence of diverse organisms leads to the creation of a rich living environment, and make efforts that are conscious of natural conservation.
Spreading information to society
We broadly spread information on our environmental efforts to society.

7.Social Engagement and Contribution to Development

To establish mutual trust with each country and local communities
We respect the culture, tradition and the like of countries and local communities around the world, and strive to establish mutual trust with local communities and stakeholders.
Efforts as a good corporate citizen
We actively make efforts to solve social issues by investing our human resources, expertise and other management resources.
Cooperation with various stakeholders
We make efforts to help realize a sustainable society in cooperation with various stakeholders, including NPOs, local communities and administrative organs.
Support to employees for voluntary social participation
To help realize a sustainable society and solve various social issues, we support our employees with various forms of voluntary social participation, including volunteer activities.

8.Thorough Crisis Management

Risk management
To prevent an emergency situation from occurring and minimize loss if it occurs, we establish and operate a group-wide crisis management system.

9.Company Leadership

Company leadership
Our senior management sets a good example of high aspiration to create a corporate group that is extensively beneficial to the entire society to help realize a sustainable society, and strives to instill such a spirit in every single employee of all companies, including group and related companies. Also, our senior management makes efforts for understanding so that we attract the sympathy of suppliers, contractors and other companies in the supply chain.
Enhancement of corporate structure
Our senior management recognizes anew that a company is part of society, operates our company not only in compliance with laws and regulations, but also with high aspirations, and fulfills its social responsibility by achieving a balance among the three phases of economy, environment and society. To this end, our senior management strives to enhance the corporate structure by, for example, establishing hotline systems (including for privacy protection of the people concerned, prohibition of disadvantageous treatment to consulters, etc.), making these systems known to all employees by training, and checking and evaluation (audits) of the status as to whether they have taken root.
Ensuring effectiveness of governance
To achieve the sustainable growth of the company, we establish a group governance structure for ensuring management soundness, efficiency and transparency.
Obligation of senior management in solving problems (1)
If any disaster, accident or other emergency situation, or any event for which the company is held socially responsible occurs, our senior management internally and externally shows its attitude of taking responsibility to solve the problem, and determines the root cause quickly and precisely. After that, it declares responsible policies for dealing with the problem to society, and clearly explains the facts, recurrence prevention measures and other necessary matters.
Obligation of senior management in solving problems (2)
Our senior management promptly clarifies its authority and responsibility, and strictly disciplines individuals (including senior management members) responsible for the situation, thereby stabilizing the situation in a socially well-understood manner.

Established: January 2010

Revised: July 2019