Engagement with stakehold

Based on the Group Philosophy, we endeavor to strengthen our engagement with all of our stakeholders, placing great importance on dialogue with them. In the field of governance, in response to opinions from shareholders and investors, we revised the skill matrix for executive management and changed the appointment method for the Chair of the Executive Nomination & Compensation Committee to selecting from independent Outside Directors. In the field of human capital, we hold town-hall meetings with the aim of increasing direct talks between the president and employees.

Stakeholders Policy Means of engagement Link
Our Customers By integrating technologies and businesses inside and outside of the Group, we provide good products and services that meet the expectations of our customers by anticipating their needs. Customer contact center
Provision of information in Integrated Reports and on the company website
Local communities, NGOs, and NPOs We collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to promote activities that will contribute to building a sustainable society. Regional round-table conferences
Invitation to company events and participation in regional events
Communication and involvement in joint activities with NGOs, NPOs, and regional organizations
Suppliers In conducting purchasing activities globally, we endeavor to establish relationships of trust with suppliers through close communication. General suppliers’ meeting, various meetings with affiliate companies, training, and events
Provision of information in Integrated Reports and on the company website
Employees We promote a wide range of activities to enable diverse members to exercise their abilities. Respecting different workstyles of individual employees, we aim to create a working environment in which diverse human resources can work vigorously and with peace of mind. Regular meetings between employees and management, round-table conferences, and town-hall meetings
Various surveys on employees’ awareness
Provision of information on the company intranet and in Group newsletters
Shareholders and investors We place emphasis on active dialogues with shareholders and investors. Valuable findings that will lead to increased corporate value are fed back to management. General Meeting of Shareholders: Once a year
Financial Results Briefing: Four times a year
Large IR Meeting (Sustainability Conference): Once a year
Dialogues with investors and analysts: 219 times a year
Academic/research institutions,
government organizations, industry groups
By developing advanced technology that is not confined by the “not-invented-here” syndrome, including open innovation with startup companies with excellent technologies, we aim to re-establish new ways of seeing and understanding things and thereby create new value of mobility. Involvement in projects on the public and private sides
Participation in financial and industrial groups
Participation in policy councils (Japan)
Dialogue with external experts
Joint research with industry, government, and academia