For the growing MaaS market, we leverage our capability of developing opening and closing systems and sensing technology to offer safe, comfortable mobility and vehicle entry/exit.

Framework components for BEVs

Rocker EA Material

This is an item that is attached to the sides (left and right) of the underfloor battery case, which, in the event of a collision (side collision), is designed to absorb energy by becoming deformed to protect not only the vehicle and its occupants but also the batteries.

ESU Cloth

This is an item that holds the Electricity Supply Unit (ESU), a unit that integrates the charging and power distribution functions, by using an integral aluminum die-cast structure.

Door opening and closing system

Power sliding door system

This system broadens the cabin space by building a drive unit in the sliding door or on the floor. It has already been adopted for many types of vehichles in Japan from micro/compact cars to minivans.

It creates a larger opening making it easier for anyone, including children, the elderly and those with limited mobility, to enter/exit a vehicle securely and safely, even in a narrow space.

Universal Step

Using a "karakuri mechanism," which is activated without electricity, the steps are deployed and retracted as the power sliding door opens and closes. This ensures that everyone can easily and safely get in and out of the vehicle.

Power back door system

Using a switch, the large back door can be opened and closed automatically. Convenient functions are incorporated, including the ability to open and close doors with foot movement, while both hands are occupied with groceries, baggage, etc.

Roof, Seat and Others

Grille shutter

By opening and closing fins with the shutter located in front of the radiator, the flow of wind into the grill is controlled. This can reduce air resistance and help improve fuel economy and mileage.

Active front spoiler

The front spoiler, located under the front bumper of the vehicle, is deployed and retracted by the drive motor to reduce air resistance and contribute to improved fuel efficiency.


We offer a broad product line, including multi-panel, panoramic, and standard sunroofs. We hold the largest domestic market share in Japan. Aisin sunroofs provide ventilation, lighting, and luxury, and give passengers a feeling of freedom thanks to excellent engineering and design.

Pneumatic Seat

By using an air-bag called bladder, a pump and a valve, pressure is applied to the passenger’s body -- from the back to the femur -- further refreshing body and mind.

With the world’s greatest number of directional movements (28), outstanding hold is achieved, improving handling stability during deceleration and cornering.