With the objective of achieving zero traffic accidents, we offer products and systems that enable advanced control of driving, turning and stopping as well as products that make the mobility experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Parking and driving support

Automated parking system

Parking spaces can be detected using ultrasonic sensors and cameras. Since the target parking position is set automatically, the steering wheel is automatically activated by flipping a switch, making the car back into a parking space or parallel park while detecting obstacles.

Automated emergency brake system

At low speeds, the system detects obstacles and automatically makes an emergency stop to prevent an accident.

Driver monitoring system

This system uses a camera to monitor the driver's face, detects the direction of the face, the gaze and the opening and closing of the eyes, to prevent accidents due to distracted or drowsy driving.

Brake and steering-related products

Cooperative regenerative brake system

Brake system that contributes to improved fuel efficiency and automatic driving of electrically powered vehicles, as well as to improved ride comfort.

Electric-Assisted Parking Brake

The product electrically activates the parking brake used when parking.
The parking brake can be automatically activated in conjunction with the shift lever or gas pedal operation, providing comfortable operability.

Disc brake

Consistent efficiency and reduction of brake noise and vibration are achieved at high levels. Manufacturing caliper parts from aluminum achieves lighweighting while also providing high rigidity.

Active rear steering system

Automatically steers the rear wheel in the optimal direction according to vehicle status and steering wheel operation, enabling smaller turning radius at low speeds and improved stability at high speeds.