As a manufacturer of world-class car navigation systems, we leverage our experience in navigation technologies to realize solutions that will contribute to safe and comfortable mobility in the cars and societies of the future.

MaaS initiatives

Rideshare service “Choisoko”

We provide a rideshare service using location-based technology for the elderly and inaccessible communities. We provide this service according to local characteristics and needs, and currently operate it in over 50 communities.

* As of June 2023

Road maintenance and management support service

We offer a support service for road maintenance management by detecting abnormal road conditions based on information collected from operating vehicles, providing such information, supporting formulation of repair plans and preparing road maintenance plans after repair.



Logistics support service

We offer a total support service, from departure to arrival, by providing detailed information on delivery locations in addition to delivery plans and road guidance optimized for each logistics site. This is a service for improving efficiency and flexibility of delivery work.

Car navigation system-related products

Toyota Lexus genuine connected navigation

  • Navigation via communication with the center. Provides positional information and useful information.
  • Automatically downloads up-to-date maps, including main roads, your home, and destinations across the country.Updates new highways and toll roads within a minimum of seven days after opening and other roads as needed.
  • Various navigation operations can be performed by interactive voice agent.

ISUZU Map Locator ECU for Japan

  • Support for the vehicle auto cruise function using map information.Information about the road ahead, such as curves and the steepness of hills, is predicted based on map information and the location information of the vehicle, and then is output to the vehicle control ECU. The vehicle automatically selects the optimal gear to save fuel and to support a higher level of fuel saving cruise.
  • Available for 24V commercial vehicles