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The Story Behind the Development of Structural Adhesives The Story Behind the Development of Structural Adhesives

Felco 8000, the Adhesive of Evolutionary Performance Felco 8000, the Adhesive of Evolutionary Performance

Parallel to Felco 7000, there was another project underway to develop a new product.
As vehicle weight reduction became an automotive game-changer, steel plate mills relied more on aluminum to replace iron. Aisin Chemical was seeing potential demand for adhesives that bond plates containing more aluminum than before.

The problematic challenge in joining iron and aluminum was galvanic corrosion, also known as “bimetallic corrosion”, that occurs in joints of dissimilar metals. It makes weld interfaces in dissimilar metals corrode easily. An adhesive that did not conduct electricity, thus prevented bimetallic corrosion, was needed.
Released in 2016, Felco 8000 is a product designed to provide rigidity and bonding of different metals.
Better rigidity and lighter weight—Felco 8000 was born as a high-performance adhesive that would meet both.
It expanded the range of applications because of its workability with irregular surfaces in larger parts.

Evolutionary properties that Felco 8000 offers include ease of application to the workpiece in a production line.
The previous product was not water flow resistant. Portions exposed to running water were often washed away during cleaning done as preparation before electrodeposition, disturbing the subsequent process. Felco 8000 structural adhesive with resistance to running water became a time saver to address that interruption.

Demonstration of applying structural adhesive to workpiece

Know Industry Needs Ahead; Work Across Organizations Know Industry Needs Ahead; Work Across Organizations

The Toyota Crown released in 2018 chose Felco 7000 and 8000 for its broader applications of structural adhesive. The car is lighter in weight, but it remains rigid enough to assure safety by bonding welded locations where the adhesives can add stiffness.

“We’re proud to be a part of the driver and passenger comfort of the new Crowns. Selected for Toyota's mainstream luxury sedans means that we have done it just right.” Engineers' efforts were well rewarded.
The latest Aisin Chemical's structural adhesives are used with more cars including the Corolla Sport.

For years, we have watched the times and focused on the future in product development.
Amid far-reaching structural changes in the automotive industry, the Aisin Group is transforming in order to increase productivity and flexibility by introducing Virtual Companies, which spur changes in group organizations including Aisin Chemical.
“In the past, everything started with material design. The flexibility the reform brought allows for multi-faceted, interdivisional programs that cover performance testing and products.” The effect is evident from the number of new product programs.

Aisin Chemical takes a new step.
The power of chemistry and the diligence of engineers can change the future of cars.

▲ Two Felco project members
*At the interview in August 2018