Aisin Group to Establish a Special Subsidiary Company to Promote Employment of Persons with Disabilities

May. 14, 2019

News Release

The AISIN Group, including Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., will establish Aisin Well Smile Co., Ltd. with the objective of creating and expanding employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. This company is scheduled to start operation in April 2020 as a company mainly engaged in office support work, such as facility cleaning and electronic documentation, within the AISIN Group.

On the basis of an approach rooted in the concepts of "normalization," aiming to develop a working environment in which employees, regardless of the presence or absence of disabilities, can work while fully motivated, the AISIN Group companies have been employing persons with disabilities who will perform the same tasks at the same workplaces as those of persons without disabilities.

Since establishing this company will make it possible to arrange working conditions suited to the characteristics of each person with disabilities, employment opportunities can be provided even to persons with disabilities who have previously had difficulty in performing the same tasks at the same workplaces as those of persons without disabilities.

The new company will provide support to AISIN Group companies for their education on the employment, recruitment and labor management of persons with disabilities, as well as conducting business for office support by persons with disabilities.
The AISIN Group will continue to respect the character, individuality and diversity of employees, and providing a safe, enjoyable and productive work environment.

Overview of new company
1. Company name: Aisin Well Smile Co., Ltd.
2. Establishment: October 2019
3. Address: 1-15 Hachiken-cho, Kariya, Aichi (5th floor, Wellness Center, Aisin Seiki, Co., Ltd.)
4. Capital: 30 million yen
5. Investment ratio: Aisin Seiki, Co., Ltd., 51%; Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd., 6%; Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd., 6%; Aisin AW Co., Ltd., 6%; ADVICS Co., Ltd., 6%; Aisin Collabo Co., Ltd., 25%
6. Representative: President Shinji Mizuno
7. Business description:①Office support business ②Support business for employment of persons with disabilities
8. No. of employees: Approximately 20 (including 10 persons with disabilities; scheduled to start operation in April 2020; scheduled to employ 70 persons with disabilities within five years)