143 Aisin Technical Academy students volunteer at kindergartens and pre-schools

Jan. 9, 2019

News Release

Students contribute to the community by repairing playground equipment and cleaning up

On January 8, 2019, students at Aisin Technical Academy*1, the Aisin Group's in-house institute for training skilled employees of Aisin Seiki and other Group companies both in Japan and overseas, carried out cleanup and other volunteer activities at 27 kindergartens and pre-schools in the cities of Kariya and Chiryu.

These activities are a result of Aisin Technical Academy, which has many strong, young students, volunteering to meet the needs of kindergartens and pre-schools where not many employees have great physical strength. The activities were launched in 2013, and this year were carried out for the sixth time. 

This time, the students asked each kindergartens or pre-schools in advance about their needs, and consulted with teachers on site about what tasks to perform. On the day, volunteers completed these tasks while interacting with children, aiming to do volunteer work that improves and beautifies the children's environments.

By engaging directly with the three pillars of the Aisin Group's social contribution activities (Protection of Nature and the Environment, Community Building and Development, and Fostering Youth), the Aisin Technical Academy students, who will graduate this March and become full-time Aisin team members, gained a heightened awareness of social contribution activities that are closely linked to communities.

[Outline of activities]
Date: January 8, 2019 (Tue.)
Place: 27 nursery schools and day care centers in Kariya City and Chiryu City
Description: Service activities including indoor and outdoor cleanup, repair and upkeep of sand piles and play equipment, and pruning trees, as well as interaction with children, etc.
Participants: 143 students at Aisin Technical Academy
Cooperation: Kariya City and Chiryu City Children's Divisions

1. Founded in April 1977, the Aisin Technical Academy is an in-house, live-in training institute where Japanese technical high school graduates and trainees dispatched from overseas, who have entered the Aisin Group in Japan, take a year of study to increase their practical technical skills and knowledge. It is accredited as a vocational school by Aichi Prefecture, and in terms of our organization, it belongs to the Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. Human Resources Management Dept.