Aisin Group to exhibit for the first time at CEATEC JAPAN 2014

Sep. 29, 2014

News Release

 Aisin Seiki will exhibit for the first time at CEATEC JAPAN 2014, Asia's largest comprehensive exhibition of advanced technologies, to be held from October 7 (Tue.) to October 11 (Sat.) at Makuhari Messe, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Japan. With the theme of "Aisin: Solutions for the Lifestyles and Mobility of Tomorrow," we will present exhibits that utilize our technological strengths as a comprehensive automotive components manufacturer, including residential and lifestyle-oriented devices and products and solutions combining them. The products and technologies on view will illustrate our vision for safe, secure, comfortable and energy-efficient lifestyles and mobility of tomorrow.

 We will exhibit a "Personal Carrier Robot," which is based around an electric wheelchair employing automotive technologies and equipped with safety technologies and safety-element modules. Also on view will be a video presentation of our automatic parking system that links with IT devices (smartphones, tablets, car navigation systems), as an example of our development of technologies that make driving safer. These exhibits will highlight how we are contributing to the future of a mobile society through a new paradigm for personal mobility and related technologies that make it safer to get around.

 In addition, in our exhibit of a "Nemuri Monitor" that employs occupant weight sensor technology usually employed in automobiles to detect the bodily movements of the bed's occupant and analyze sleep patterns, we will present an integrated system linked with peripheral devices such as TV and lighting. Information from sensors is utilized to analyze the sleeper's state and optimize surrounding equipment such as lighting, etc., creating the comfortable sleep environment of the future. 

Key products to be exhibited
· Nemuri Monitor
· "ENE・FARM Type S" residential-use fuel cell cogeneration system
·"Electric security blind shutter
·"Personal Carrier Robot" (reference exhibit)
· Sofa equipped with occupant weight sensor(reference exhibit)
· Dye-sensitized solar cell (reference exhibit)


 Outline of "Personal Carrier Robot" (reference exhibit)
· Helps user avoid hazards by automatically slowing down when obstacles are detected using its 3D laser range sensor, 3D distance imaging camera, and control unit.



· Sofa is equipped with occupant weight sensor, with operation conveyed through lighting that changes in response to sitters' movements.