Aisin to exhibit for the first time at FuoriSalone during Milano Salone ~Automotive sensors applied to beds, pointing the way to the future of sleep~

Apr. 2, 2014

News Release


Conceptual image of exhibit (sofa)

Conceptual image of exhibit (sofa)



Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kariya City, Aichi; President: Fumio Fujimori) will exhibit at the FuoriSalone (Triennale venue) during the Milan Furniture Fair held in Milan, Italy from Tuesday, April 8 through Sunday, April 13, 2014.

Based on the concept "Imagine New Days [sleep]", Aisin will exhibit a sofa equipped with occupant weight sensor* technology usually employed in automobiles. The sensor's operation is conveyed through projected lighting and images that change when people sit on the sofa or stand up from it.

 In addition, a video will introduce Aisin's aim of "high-quality sleep," showing a bed equipped with a similar sensor. Information obtained from the sensor is used to analyze sleep state, and peripheral devices such as lighting are optimized to create the comfortable bedroom environment of the future.

 The exhibited items are designed by Setsu and Shinobu Ito of Studio I.T.O Design, a studio that has produced numerous works in Europe and around the world.
 By exhibiting at this fair, Aisin Seiki will offer people an image of how design can enrich their lives.
*This sensor is incorporated into the automobile seat frame and precisely measures the weight applied to the seat, assisting with optimum air bag operation.


Mr.Setsu Ito and Ms.Shinobu Ito

■Studio I.T.O Design, Setsu & Shinobu Ito
Setsu Ito, after graduating from the University of Tsukuba in Japan, worked with Italian avant-garde design leader Alessandro Mendini at Studio Alchimia, and the office of modern design master Angelo Mangiarotti. Shinobu Ito graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo and worked at CBS Sony (currently Sony Music Entertainment) in Sony Creative Products before attaining a Master Degree at Domus Academy, Milan. They opened their design studio in 1997, and have engaged in joint product development and design consulting with companies from various countries including Japan. Their works have appeared in numerous books, magazines and media worldwide, including on the cover of the Elle Decor Italia 20th anniversary issue (April 2010). They have also received numerous design awards.
This is their second collaboration with Aisin Seiki, following an exhibition in 2009.

■Milano Salone and FuoriSalone
Milano Salone refers collectively to the Salone del Mobile. Milano, an international furniture fair held every April in Milan, Italy, and other exhibitions held concurrently in Milan.
FuoriSalone, which in Italian means "outside the fair," refers to a large number of events held in various places around the city during the Milano Salone. Due to the amount of attention it receives, many companies exhibit in FuoriSalone in order to present a distinctive brand image.
Milano Salone is the world's largest design-related event, with up to a million people visiting the city during the fair.