President's New Year's Greeting (Summary)

Jan. 6, 2014

News Release

Last year, we moved steadily toward achievement of the AISIN Group VISION 2020, taking steps such as increased investment in facilities and R&D in overseas markets where future growth is projected. Thanks in part to the depreciation of the yen, consolidated sales and income exceeded our initial forecast.

At the same time, we continue to operate in an unpredictable business climate. With not only the auto industry but also the entire Japanese industrial sector potentially shrinking due to the upcoming consumption tax hike and other factors, we must take further steps to reinforce our profit structure in order to maintain consistent profitability and stable growth. To this end, I would like all team members to work together this year with a particular focus on the following three areas:

 1) Adopt the user's viewpoint as we endeavor to create products that are competitive
Learn all we can about the lifestyles of end users, and employ our AISIN manufacturing competencies to offer users products that benefit them, contributing to a better world. Consolidate our Group strengths and transcend organizational barriers in order to promote the manufacture of products that earn the support of people and markets across the globe.

2) Make concerted efforts, as a unified Group, to earn customers trust worldwide
To succeed in the global marketplace, effectively share resources such as quality control, safety, human resources and materials, and work together in a spirit of friendly rivalry, building on the Group's strengths to grow sustainably together. Gain and keep the firm trust of customers as "an Irreplaceable Global Partner."

 3) Foster a vibrant corporate culture
Advance the philosophy of "Building People, Building Workplaces" with a strong focus on human resources development, so as to achieve a consistent business climate and workplace environment where each individual can fulfill his or her potential and grow personally and professionally.

This year we accelerate toward the goal of realizing the AISIN Group VISION 2020, and next year (2015) we mark the milestone of 50 years since our establishment. Let us all move forward as one, so that we can make our 50th year truly something to celebrate.

 (Aisin Seiki New Year's Ceremony)
Date/Time: January 6, 2014, starting at 10:00 AM (JST)
Location: Aisin Seiki Headquarters Gymnasium (Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan)