Driving AISIN Group: AISIN’s Powertrain Business Growth Strategies Driving AISIN Group: AISIN’s Powertrain Business Growth Strategies

AISIN’s powertrain business provides a wide-ranging lineup of transmissions and other powertrain solutions for vehicle manufacturers around the world, from compact to luxury cars, and from SUVs to small trucks.
We will introduce initiatives in our powertrain business with the aim of achieving our medium-to-long-term growth.

A flagship business supporting the Group’s medium-to-long-term growth

Our powertrain business is a key flagship business that supports our medium-to-long-term growth. This fact is reflected in business results for fiscal 2018, in which the powertrain business generated revenues of ¥2.1867 trillion, accounting for 55.9% of AISIN Group revenues overall.
In this market, the demand for automatic transmissions (AT) is expected to increase mainly in developing countries by around 2020. In the future, it is presumed that the market share of electric powertrains will increase dramatically along with the toughening of regulations on fuel economy and exhaust gas emissions in countries around the world. In order to respond to these market trends, AISIN Group is promoting two business strategies: Expansion of shares, along with increasing demand for AT in developing countries and China, and advancement of electric transmission development utilizing accumulated technologies in AT and hybrid transmissions.

Promoting 10 projects for increasing demand for automatic transmissions

With regard to our response to increasing demand for automatic transmissions, we are bolstering our production capacity by 3.4 million units (with respect to our fiscal 2018 production volume of 9.8 million units) by implementing 10 projects focused primarily on Japan and China. These projects include the establishment of new production locations and bolstering of production capabilities at existing facilities. In this way, we have determined that we will establish a production system of 13.2 million units by fiscal 2021. In particular, in China, which is growing rapidly, we have formed alliances with local vehicle manufacturers in aiming to build long-term partnerships and are determined to establish joint companies with Guangzhou Automobile and Geely Automobile to produce FF6 automatic transmissions.

10 projects with the goal of 13.2 million units of AT production
10 projects with the goal of 13.2 million units of AT production