Basic stance with regard to stable employment

In order for AISIN Group to provide stable employment, it needs to become and remain a corporate group that is valued by society. Toward this goal, every employee needs to take an active role, grow personally and contribute to achieving sound and sustainable business growth. This, we believe, will lead to stable employment over the long term.

Building sound labor relations to make AISIN a company people will want to work for

The AISIN Group complies with the ILO's Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, respecting the principles of free association and organizations' right to negotiation. We have built a framework to hold regular conferences between workers and their management in our product headquarters, departments and plants to share policies and issues and foster mutual trust and cooperation. The UN's Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights are another key guideline for our initiatives. We have established procedures to identify, prevent, lessen and correct factors that are to the detriment of human rights, and are applying these procedures to fulfill our responsibility as a company to uphold human rights.

We are taking a wide range of measures to reduce the working hours of our employees, including actively adopting IT tools, creating flexible working systems such as work-from-home systems, holding training to improve the quality of management in our workplaces and sharing success stories of people in the AISIN Group who have improved operations or increased efficiency. We have also announced company-wide targets to increase the amount of annual paid vacation taken by our employees, and have put measures in place to achieve those targets. Of course, this does not apply only to our workers based in Japan. We are in the process of creating a framework to shorten the working hours of our personnel on overseas duty and invest in their health.

To make AISIN a place where our employees will enjoy working, we conduct employee awareness surveys and hold regular meetings to revise work practices on each site based on the results.

A conference between our top management and members of the Council of Labor Unions
A conference between our top management and members of the Council of Labor Unions

Stable Employment

Employee retention is important to us, and we strive to standardize our basic principles and systems concerning human resources and labor. This forms the basis of the measures we implement in each country and region we operate in, based on relevant local laws, to reduce overall risks related to human resources and labor and create a sound relationship between our workers and management. Through these measures, we achieved a low turnover* of 1.00% in FY2017.

*The number of employees who left (of their own volition) between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018 ÷ the total number of employees as of April 1, 2017.


AISIN's Stance on Labor-Management Relations with Lessons Learned from Labor Dispute in India

(1) Overview of AHL labor dispute

In May 2017, a consolidated subsidiary Aisin Automotive Haryana Pvt. Ltd. (AHL) located in Rohtak, Haryana State, India experienced a strike by its employees demanding the establishment of a trade union at AHL. The employees’ application for a trade union was rejected by the local government and a strike ban was announced one month later, and the strike came to an end. Unfortunately, employees continued the strike without government permission and 288 employees who used force to blockade the company gate were arrested.
And AHL finally dismissed 175 employees who continued absenteeism after the strike, although they had been called to come back to work many times by AHL. Aisin Seiki believes that it was an unavoidable response to protect the lives and safety of employees not involved in the dispute, however, this incident was the largest labor dispute in the history of the Aisin Group leaving a negative effect on both employees and management at AHL. Aisin Seiki regrets that this incident caused great concern to our stakeholders, including the local community and business partners.

(2) Measures to prevent recurrence

In Aisin Group

Based on this experience, the Aisin Group has used the AHL incident as a lesson in employee/management relations. We believe that “in order for a company to grow, it is essential for both employees and management to listen to each other, count on each other, and build cooperation between the parties”. Taking this AHL labor dispute as an opportunity, we have written “AISIN's Stance on Labor Relations,” and have promoted the Stance to all Aisin Group companies as message mandate from Aisin Group’s President in order to reaffirm and reinforce the idea that “it is essential for both employees and management to trust each other and to build cooperative relations,” even overseas where labor practices may differ from Japan.
In addition, we have reviewed the AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior shared by all the Aisin Group employees as a Code of Conduct used to fulfill their responsibility to society based on the Corporate Principles. Additionally, we are implementing it as the Action Guidelines common to the Aisin Group, by strengthening our perspectives of “respecting human rights” and “realizing diverse ways of working” more than ever.
Furthermore, we have developed an assessment tool to confirm that employee relations and labor operations are conducted appropriately and in line with AISIN's Stance on Labor Relations, and we are continuously checking it globally. We have established a system to identify problems and when they are found during inspection, they can be immediately improved upon based on the predetermined rules.


Since July 2017, after normal operations were restored at AHL, AHL has been restructuring the communication system between employees and management such as “improving a place to exchange opinions between employees and management”, “building a highly transparent and fair personnel system”, and “holding various informal events” to improve the labor-management relations.
The positive opinion rate in the employees satisfaction survey, which was initially 40%, reached 90% in the survey of January 2019. Aiming for 100% positive opinion rate, we will further enhance the measures to improve employee/management relations.

(3) Declaration for the future

Using the AHL labor dispute as a lesson, the Aisin Group aims to build a company that all employees are proud of with the goal of avoiding any similar issues at any Aisin company in the future.

HR; Open door policy
HR; Open door policy
General Meeting of all employees
General Meeting of all employees