A core principle of placing safety and health above all else

Based on the core principle of placing safety and health above all else, AISIN Group continually strives to enhance the safety and health of all employees.

Safe, sound management framework

Aisin Seiki has formed a safety and health committee, with one Director and Vice President serving as the company-wide health and safety supervisor. The committee decides on health, safety and sanitation activities, along with fire prevention and traffic safety activities, and monitors the progress of these activities.

AISIN Seiki's Safety and Health Management Framework

AISIN Seiki's Health and Safety Management Framework
AISIN Seiki's Health and Safety Management Framework

As the parent organization, we have formed a group-wide safety and health committee comprising the Director and President of each of the 14 core companies in the AISIN Group, along with the Director and Vice President who heads Aisin Seiki's committee. The committee has devised group-wide policies and is coordinating activities to be carried out by the whole of the AISIN Group.

Composition of AISIN's Consolidated Health and Safety Committee

Composition of AISIN's Consolidated Health and Safety Committee
Composition of AISIN's Consolidated Health and Safety Committee

Aspiring to be the world’s most safetyconscious corporate group

The AISIN Group opened an All-Aisin Safety, Health and Environment Center in April 2017 to ensure that key activities for the whole of the AISIN Group are carried out promptly. We have established the Aisin Global Safety Standard (AGSS) to prevent STOP6*. Our 14 key companies all carry out risk assessments and safety inspections when introducing and upgrading equipment. FY2017 was no exception, with our top management working closely with local sites to carry out activities according to our action plan. We resolved concerns at our sites to ensure a high standard of health and safety in our labor practices.

Safety instructors have been appointed in relevant departments to ensure that proper attention is being paid to safety, with each safety instructor receiving 107 hours of training through our dedicated curriculum. 45 instructors underwent this training in FY2016 and 35 in FY2017, bringing the current total to 179 trained instructors. Safety training is provided to construction clients and contracted on-site construction personnel before each long holiday period. 3,908 people attended this training in FY2016 and 4,357 in FY2017. Our numbers were similarly high for health and safety training including skills training, special training and in-house training, with 5,263 attendees in FY2016 and 6,268 in FY2017.

These measures paid off: all 14 of our key companies were below the FY2017 national average for time off resulting from workplace accidents. The AISIN Group is aiming for even higher standards, with the aim of becoming the world's safest business conglomerate.

* The six worst causes of serious accidents in the Toyota Group (1. becoming caught in machinery, 2. contact with heavy objects, 3. contact with vehicles, 4. falls, 5. electrocution, 6. contact with high temperature objects)

Rate of lost work time injuries resulting from work accidents (14 main Group companies in Japan)
Rate of lost work time injuries resulting from work accidents (14 main Group companies in Japan)
FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017
Severity rate 0.01 0.07 0.003 0.004 0.004
Nationwide 0.1 0.09 0.03 0.05 0.03

Overseas initiatives

Overseas, members from regional Group companies assemble at Safety and Environmental Specialist Liaison Committees for each of the seven regions—China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, North America, Europe and South America—to share information on relevant laws and regulations and examples of activities being conducted at each company.

In fiscal 2018, mutual safety inspections were conducted at all business locations in each global region, with the target of eradicating STOP6 accidents. Moving forward, we will seek to further deepen collaboration with regional management companies and parent companies and raise the level of these activities.

A mutual safety inspection in the Thailand region
A mutual safety inspection in the Thailand region

Activities to maintain and promote the health of employees

In seeking to create a vibrant workplace, in which employees can remain healthy both physically and mentally and talk with each other openly, Aisin Seiki has been undertaking initiatives in the three phases of “prevention of occurrence,” “early discovery and early treatment” and “prevention of recurrence.”

Initiatives to maintain and improve physical health

We provide specific health guidance to employees at high risk of developing a lifestyle disease. A total of 1,308 employees received advice from a public health nurse on quitting smoking, taking up exercise and improving dietary habits. We also pay care and consideration to employees at high risk of developing illnesses affecting the brain or heart, such as by applying working restrictions. We also conducted checkups for detecting stomach and bowel cancers, with 99.3% of eligible employees receiving these checkups. We carried out annual regular health checkups for employees posted overseas, and implemented necessary post-checkup measures, under the guidance of industrial physicians.

Initiatives to maintain and improve mental health

We provided self-care education to 545 employees in their second year of employment with the Group to promote greater understanding of mental health. We also established an internal consultation desk that not only accepts consultations from individual employees with mental health issues but also responds swiftly to consultations in coordination with managerial personnel. We also provided support to persons on long-term leave through the Return to Work Trial, which contributes to enabling such employees to return to work smoothly.

Activity Details of 14 Main Group Companies in Japan

Aisin Seiki

Driving activities to increase understanding of all personnel working on-site at Aisin Seiki

Top-level management and supervisors conduct on-site checks of day-to-day work activities being carried out not only by employees but also contractors, outsourced construction workers and service providers working on site. By speaking directly with workers and identifying difficult jobs and other problems, Aisin Seiki is advancing planned improvements, seeking to achieve a zero incidence rate for accidents and improve the workplace environment.

Aisin Chemical

Creating a “safety-first” culture with participation of managerial personnel in all departments

Through general safety inspections, Aisin Chemical is driving activities conducted by corporate officers, management personnel in relevant departments (e.g., manufacturing, production technologies and production management) and workers’ unions to eradicate sources of danger that lead to STOP6 incidents. In terms of fire-prevention activities, the company has worked to achieve greater linkage between local ventilation equipment and equipment using organic solvents, and reviewed the installation positions for its fire-prevention dampers and inspection hatches. These improvements were completed during fiscal 2018.

Aisin Keikinzoku

Conducting health and safety activities with an understanding of workplace needs

Aisin Keikinzoku conducts continuous level-specific danger simulation training to promote safety awareness and encourage safer behavior for all employees. Moreover, in order to enable all employees to enjoy their jobs and work in a livelier and more energetic manner, the company also engages workplace counselors in activities to gain a greater understanding of workplace needs, with the aim of creating a network to effectively catch employees with mental health issues.

Simulated experience of a backward fall
Simulated experience of a backward fall

Aisin Kiko

Conducting accident prevention activities with top-level management participation

At Aisin Kiko, the entire company works together to prevent accidents, with officers, managerial personnel and order-placing departments holding advance meetings to consider the risks involved in outsourced on-site construction work and conducting work safety patrols. The company is working to reduce construction work-related accident risks, with the aim of creating a completely accident-free workplace.

Aisin Sin’ei

Mutual safety patrols by top-level plant management personnel

Plant managers conduct monthly mutual safety patrols at Aisin Sin’ei’s four plants. By speaking with workers and asking directly whether there are any tasks that they consider difficult to perform. Managers verify whether plant conditions enable standard work practices to be properly observed and adhered to. Moreover, in the occurrence of an accident, managers share the findings of on-site checks and issues identified and take that information back to their own plants in order to implement suitable countermeasures.

Hosei Brake Industry

Continuing safety activities with an understanding of workplace needs

Hosei Brake Industry listens directly to the opinions of employees who have experienced a near-miss or suggested a problematic issue, and implements optimal improvements. By encouraging employees to work together in a united effort to improve upon work tasks that are difficult to perform, the company is improving safety awareness. Additionally, the company is also promoting safer work by exchanging opinions with external contractors engaging in on-site work in order to identify and improve upon problematic issues.

Shiroki Corporation

Energizing communication with contracted on-site construction personnel

Shiroki Corporation has launched a program of safety lectures for external contractors with a view to enhancing safety of outsourced on-site construction work. Though these lectures, the company is seeking to improve safety awareness by presenting the sentiments of top-level management with regard to safety and case studies of recent accidents.

Aisin Takaoka

Conducting activities with an understanding of workplace needs

In 2014, Aisin Takaoka expanded the scope of its activities to a global scale, and began a process of standardization. Since fiscal 2017, it has advanced a program of assimilated activities, with a central focus on activities to gain a greater understanding of employee needs in the workplace. The company utilizes a “near-miss” scheme to identify problematic issues and implements kaizen (improvement) activities from a worker perspective, using insights gained through morning meetings held prior to commencing work and regular work observation meetings. The company also seeks to share information on these activities through reports made at plant safety committee and company-wide plant safety meetings.

Morning meeting booth
Morning meeting booth

Aisin AW

Establishing problem identification and improvement activities for understanding on-site needs

Aisin AW identifies problematic issues by listening to the opinions of each and every one of its employees and implementing day-to-day improvement activities based on those insights. Top-level management personnel identify problems by patrolling the workplace and engaging in activities to understand the needs of workers better by speaking directly to them. In this way, they seek to energize and firmly establish these improvement activities.

Aisin Development

Driving activities to understand workplace needs and prevent recurrences of accidents

Top-level management personnel, officers, department heads, on-site supervisors and safety department personnel all strive to identify problematic issues and improve the working environment by speaking directly to workers at construction sites. The company also seeks to prevent recurrences by utilizing manuals containing example accident case studies.

Aisin AI

Driving efforts to ensure safety for contracted on-site construction personnel

Although in the past Aisin AI had worked continuously to identify difficult jobs for outsourced on-site contractors and make various improvements, at the end of 2017 the company was struck by the occurrence of a serious accident. As a countermeasure to prevent recurrences, the company has implemented various improvements, including the introduction of a mechanism for drawing attention to high-risk activities by subdividing construction plans to identify dangerous areas and setting danger level ranks; and building a system for sharing details of construction plan locations to avoid overlaps in construction work.

Aisin AW Industries

Creating a workplace culture of prioritizing health and safety

In addition to continuous activities to gain greater insight into workplace needs (including patrols by top-level management personnel and activities to identify problematic issues), Aisin AW Industries has also established a “Think About Safety Day” on the first Wednesday of every month, and is working to improve safety awareness by holding workplace safety meetings and having employees make personal action pledges.


Driving safety activities to improve workplace capabilities

In order to prevent the occurrence of STOP6 accidents, ADVICS is implementing safety checks and improvement activities for its equipment, such as preventing startup by third-party personnel at all locations globally. By ensuring safety, improving competence and encouraging mutual communication, ADVICS is driving activities to ensure that things are done properly and completely.

Art Metal Mfg.

Safety activities to gain a greater understanding of workplace needs

Top-level management personnel, corporate officers and other managerial personnel at Art Metal Mfg. continue to conduct work observations during nighttime working hours. Top-level management and officers identifying problematic issues such as darkness, danger and difficulty in performing work tasks, and managerial personnel exercising appropriate leadership lead to various improvements with regard to these issues.