Strengthening information security

Basic stance

AISIN Group regards protecting company, client and customer information from threats such as information leaks and cyber-attacks as an important risk management issue and is engaged in efforts to strengthen information security.

Specific initiatives

Aisin Group has applied the All Toyota Security Guidelines (ATSG) to all of its consolidated Group companies, as well as implemented countermeasures with regard to both physical and cyber aspects of information security, such as strengthening internal networks and other information systems as a mechanism against cyber-attacks along with establishing more stringent rules on-site, entry/exit management and on-site photography. It also conducts continuous education and enlightenment activities to increase employee awareness with regard to these issues. In addition, the Group seeks to improve its information security initiatives by carrying out regular inspections.

AISIN Group joint study session on confidential information management
AISIN Group joint study session on confidential information management

Managing personal information

To comply with all laws and regulations related to protecting the personal information of customers, business contacts and employees that we handle in our day-today operations, AISIN Group has established rules and systems to ensure the appropriate handling and management of personal information.

In fiscal 2018 as the toughening of various legal frameworks for the protection of personal data continues to progress globally, 22 locations at 11 of our Group companies worked to develop rules on the processing of personal data and transferal of personal data to locations outside of the European Union (EU) region in readiness for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was enforced in May 2018.