Promoting utilization of patent information and strengthening Group collaboration

To contribute to increasing the competitiveness of AISIN Group, we engage intellectual property teams early on from the product planning stage to check patent portfolios and development activities of other companies based on patent information and guide the direction of our development efforts. In addition, we have initiated collaborative efforts within the Group to provide support to next-generation growth fields from the perspective of intellectual property.

In fiscal 2018, with the aim of increasing groupwide collaboration in the field of intellectual property, we sought to consolidate all work duties relating to trademark research, applications, acquisition and renewal of rights handled by the 14 main Group companies, contributing to the streamlining and increased reliability of trademark management duties as a united group. We also completed the development of regulations and infrastructure for the handling of intellectual property for the purpose of enhancing intellectual property capabilities at overseas development locations.

In particular, for more than 40 years we have posted local personnel overseas in the North American and European regions, and are working to further advance the facilitation of our operations and firmly establish our global intellectual property network.

Patents held by AISIN Group*
Patents held by AISIN Group*
  • 14 main Group companies
  • The figures after fiscal 2018 include patents held by Art Metal Mfg.
Number of work tasks handling trademarks for fiscal 2018
  1. Rejection responses: The number of tasks involving response upon receiving a notification from the Patent Office communicating the fact that a trademark/patent could not be registered.
    Typically, the response is to amend the content of the application and resubmit it for registration.
  2. Renewals: The registration period for trademarks is predetermined. Where the trademark holder wishes to maintain the trademark rights beyond this period, the trademark holder him or herself is required to make an application for renewal procedures. This figure corresponds to the number of such renewal applications made.