A core principle of placing safety and health above all else

Based on the core principle of placing safety and health above all else, the AISIN Group continually strives to enhance the safety and health of all employees.

[Action Plan]

Promotion of workplace environment improvement with the highest priority on safety and health

[Three-Year Growth Phase Policy 2015-2017]

Share the perception throughout the entire AISIN Group that safety and environmental efforts are the lifeblood of continued business operations of a corporate group.

[FY2016-2018 Company-wide Policy]

Instill safety and environmental awareness and appropriate behavior, and achieve thorough compliance.

Aspiring to be the world’s most safety-conscious corporate group

Thirteen Group companies in Japan* are retaining a frequency rate and severity rate of work accidents that is well below the national average for the industry.

In fiscal 2017, in response to serious accidents in the past, the president of each Group company formulated specific action plans and accordingly started promoting activities fully focused on operation sites in order to lead the establishment of a safety culture with a sense of crisis. Based on each action plan and with the aspiration of becoming the safest corporate group in the world, we will continue to work jointly with employees, outside contractors, suppliers and on-site subcontractors to further improve our education, training and enlightenment efforts and promote relevant occupational health and safety activities that address changes in work processes and issues at operation sites.

* 13 main Group companies in Japan: 13 companies including Aisin Seiki and Shiroki Corporation

Site-focused activities to resolve issues at operation sites
Site-focused activities to resolve issues at operation sites
Rate of lost work time injuries resulting from work accidents
(13 AISIN companies in Japan*)
Rate of lost work time injuries resulting from work accidents (13 AISIN companies in Japan*)
Severity rate of work accidents
(13 AISIN companies in Japan*)
Severity rate of work accidents (13 AISIN companies in Japan*)

* 13 main Group companies in Japan: 13 companies including Aisin Seiki and Shiroki Corporation
Each year’s data covers the period from January to December.

Achieving zero work accidents

We have a standard safety slogan in place across the entire AISIN Group: “Follow the guidelines, protect yourselves and protect your coworkers,” and have been striving to raise employee awareness. Since 2013, we have been organizing activities aimed at raising safety awareness throughout the Group on the day of the ALL AISIN Safety Declaration by simultaneously calling for compliance with safety requirements.

Initiatives at respective companies and regions

The AISIN Group has been promoting activities in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety Management System and have formulated and implemented uniform action rules for the entire Group to eliminate particularly serious accidents resulting from the STOP 6* causes.

At overseas locations, we have established the Safety and Environmental Specialist Liaison Committees in North America, Europe and China. In fiscal 2017, we established another one in Thailand, consisting of employees engaging in safety and environmental activities in the country. Efforts have been facilitated as we commenced integrated activities throughout the region by implementing priority tasks and exchanging information through the committee. In fiscal 2017, we plan to set up liaison committees in Brazil, India and Indonesia.

* STOP 6: Six worst causes of serious accidents in the Toyota Group (1. caught between machinery, 2. contact with heavy objects, 3. contact with vehicles, 4. falls, 5. electrocution, 6. contact with high temperature objects)

Activities to maintain and promote the health of employees

In seeking to create a vibrant workplace, in which employees can remain healthy both physically and mentally and talk with each other openly, Aisin Seiki has been undertaking initiatives in the three phases of “prevention of occurrence,” “early discovery and early treatment” and “prevention of recurrence.”

Initiatives to promote physical health

For “prevention of occurrence,” we provide specific health guidance to employees, who have been found in our regular physical examinations to be at a high risk of developing a lifestyle disease, to help them improve their health. In fiscal 2017, 1,246 employees received advice from a public health nurse on quitting smoking, taking up exercise and improving dietary habits. We also applied work restrictions to employees having a high risk of developing brain or heart disease. From the viewpoint of “early discovery and early treatment,” we strongly encouraged checkups on stomach and bowel cancers, and 95% of the eligible employees have received these checkups.

Initiatives to promote mental health

To “prevent occurrence,” we provided self-care education to 505 employees in their second year of employment to promote an understanding of mental health. As for “early discovery and early treatment,” we have developed a training program for managers and supervisors to improve the ability to notice distress of their subordinates at an early stage, and 155 managers and supervisors received the training in fiscal 2017. We also provided support to persons on long-term leave through the Return to Work Trial in order to ensure “prevention of recurrence” and help them return to work smoothly.

Return to Work Trial
Return to Work Trial

Confirming the level of recovery by engaging participants in such a simple task as preparing materials

Activity Details of 13 Main Group Companies

Company name Activity details Key points
Aisin Seiki Undertaking site-focused safety activities Conduct visits to operation sites by executive officers, plant managers and general managers to verbally communicate with technical personnel, identify issues and check processes. Accelerate improvement activities by uncovering problems in the workplace and seek to create a zero-accident workplace.
Aisin Takaoka An audit led by top management to ensure the same level of safety globally Apply the three principles: 1) eliminate sources of hazards or turn off equipment, 2) abolish a process, keep people separated from the process or isolate the process, and 3) place the equipment or process under control if 1) and 2) are not possible. Secure the safety of employees by maintaining awareness that “people shut down the equipment or process correctly” and “the equipment or process is shut down by a safety device.”
Aisin Chemical Eliminating accidents resulting from the STOP 6 causes in response to the occurrence of an accident Conduct activities led by operation sites to identify sources of hazards of getting caught in machinery, with a team of supervisors, personnel in charge of production engineering and members of the Safety and Environment Division undertaking inspections and risk assessment and determining the order of priority. Have identified a new source of hazards and accordingly implemented countermeasures.
Aisin AW Undertaking activities to identify issues Started collecting feedback from operators in June 2016 to identify issues and has been working to achieve improvements on a daily basis. Perform a monthly site patrol by top management to undertake sitefocused activities to communicate verbally with operators, with the aim of promoting and instilling the issue identification effort.
Aisin Keikinzoku Site-focused activities through on-site visits and checks by top management, and prediction of hazards Identify issues, hold dialogue and work for improvement through on-site visits by top management to collect feedback directly from supervisors and operators. Provide simulation-based, rank-specific hazard education to employees to raise their hazard sensitivity and cultivate self-protection attitude as well as to encourage behavior improvement activities.
Aisin Development Promoting the creation of a safe operation site that focuses on mutual enlightenment Conduct verbal communication and interactive patrols at work sites by top management, executive officers, general managers, plant managers and members of the Safety Group. Identify issues and requests from work managers and operators and jointly strive to improve the working environment.
Aisin Kiko Top management directly communicate safty commitment to raise employees’ safety awareness Promote improvement activities by facilitating communication within the workplace to identify issues, with managers playing a key role. Swiftly report difficult issues to executive directors for prompt decision and action and for accelerating the overall pace of improvement.
Aisin AI Working to eliminate similar accidents Eliminate accidents during the handling of equipment failures or other irregularities by encouraging employees to take 10 seconds to predict hazards before initiating irregularity handling procedures, providing training on warning calls in joint tasks and performing practical-level skill evaluations.
Aisin Sin’ei Safety patrols by top management Conduct safety-focused patrols by top management at all plants, including subsidiaries, to check the status of the 3F activities* and communicate verbally with operators. Accelerate the improvement of unsafe conditions and thoroughly instill the safety-first culture.
* 3F refers to futan (burden), fuan (distress) and fuman (discontent). Activities to identify and improve tasks prone to accidents from the perspective of technical personnel
Aisin AW Industries Safety promotion activities for creating a safety-first culture A safety-first culture is beginning to take shape through the three-year safety promotion activities, but has had several human-induced accidents. Aim for defect-free process completion in terms of safety through site-focused activities by top management, 4S* + Shitsuke (sustain) and reinforcement of the safety promotion system.
* Seiri (sort), Seiton (set in order), Seiso (shine) and Seiketsu (standardize)
Hosei Brake Industry Creation of a safety-first culture, leading to greater team strength Promote workplace-focused activities for employees to bring up issues and reinforce patrols to check compliance with rules. Fabricate a simulator of accidents in the past to repeatedly provide simulation-based hazard training to all employees in an effort to encourage development of human resources with greater safety sensitivity.
ADVICS Facilitating safety communication Conduct a safety check by top management four times a year, not only at production plants but also engineering departments and subsidiaries. Each is based on a specific theme to encourage the exchange of views and on-site mutual communication, providing an opportunity for both sides to better recognize things and increase safety awareness.
Shiroki Corporation “Is it safe?” activities in which all executive officers visit operation sites on a periodic basis Conduct activities by top management to attend the “safety activity time” held every day at each plant and identify tasks prone to accidents and other issues from the perspective of operators through verbal communication and observation. Instill a sense of security among employees that “top management comes and directly sees the operations.”