The SDGs as a medium- to long-term business strategy

Since its establishment, AISIN Group has adhered to the basic principle of “Quality First”, and has sought to offer appealing products that meet customers’ needs. Furthermore, upholding our corporate principles of contributing to the advancement of society and harmony with society and nature, the group promotes business practices that help to create a sustainable society.

The values and initiatives of AISIN Group dovetail neatly with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs*) that were put into effect by the United Nations in January 2016, and we are working to ensure that our business activities will continue to contribute to the accomplishment of the SDGs for decades to come.

*SDGs:Sustainable Development Goals

Key sustainability activities

1 Helping to solve social issues through our business activities (achieve 2030 targets for the SDGs)

2 Every employee in the group is involved in our SDG and ESG initiatives

3 Engaging with our stakeholders to build a trust relationship

Framework for implementation

Framework for implementation
Framework for implementation

Sustainability Conference

Frequency Generally once per year (first held February 2020)
Chairperson President

Sustainability Promotion Group, Corporate Planning Dept.

In addition to dedicated members, the conference includes members who hold concurrent positions. These members represent divisions that are closely involved in SDG initiatives, along with a variety of key group companies.

Main agenda

・Setting, implementing and following up on SDG-related strategies, KPIs and targets to meet medium- to long-term social needs.

・Initiatives to achieve greater sustainability

Initiatives to raise awareness within AISIN Group

In order for AISIN Group to help to solve social issues through its business activities and continue to be a corporate group that is needed by society, each and every employee in the group needs to approach their work based on a thorough understanding of why our SDG and ESG activities are important and how their own work relates to social issues. In short, our employees must understand how our priority issues apply to them. Here are some of the awareness-raising activities we have been carrying out during the current fiscal year to share observations from our officers and employees at every level about our sustainability initiatives and to impress upon everyone the importance of these initiatives.

Key activities to raise awareness about sustainability within the group

  • ・Features about the SDGs and ESG in group newsletters (each season/4 times per year)
  • ・E-learning for staff about the SDGs and ESG (12 main group companies)
  • ・Training about the SDGs and ESG at each level (new employees, promoted employees, new officers)
  • ・Sustainability presentations for officers and employees (how CASE contributes to the SDGs, the importance of integrated reports, etc.)
  • ・Selection and training of group implementers (12 main companies)