Aisin's New Automotive Engineering Hub

About V-Lab

On July 31, 2017, V-Lab, dedicated to automotive engineering experimentation and analysis, opened on the grounds of Aisin Headquarters. The "V" stands for "Verification" in design, "Validation" of value and effectiveness, "V-model virtual reality (model-based development)" representing simulation methodology for more effective solutions, and "Virtual Company, representing Aisin's approach toward the future of mobility."

V-Lab offers cutting-edge tools and equipment designed for measurement, analysis, and modeling to benchmark vehicles and auto components around the globe in careful detail. The latest model-based development that combines the simulation technique capabilities with lab experiments to find the best parameters set during earlier phases, allowing more time and effort to be spent on honing quality. The vehicle test bench and constant air/humidity chamber reproduce the parameters required for real-scale analysis and quasi-real weather settings. Right next to the laboratory building is a vehicle test track. This saves a great deal of time for engineers who used to travel to Fujioka Test Track every time a test run was required.

The Aisin Group has designated the laboratory complex as a strategic engineering hub. Designed with flexibility in mind, V-Lab can readily test, review, and evaluate new concepts, ideas, and prototypes to ensure the reliability and quality of innovative new products born here. Great talents and minds from across Aisin gather here for every pre-development project. V-Lab changes the way people work as we move from simple component development towards full package vehicle systems development. "Zero Emissions," "Automated Driving," and "Connected Vehicles," all of which are areas of significant corporate focus, will be further accelerated and embodied in the new products and technologies Aisin delivers, with V-Lab at the very center of engineering excellence.

Projects at V-Lab In Depth

Facility Information

Facility name:
V-Lab, Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
July 31, 2017
(Partial operation started from August 2017)
Asahimachi 2-1, Kariya, Aichi, Japan
Business description:
Development of automotive products and technologies as a Group