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Aisin Group jointly exhibited at the 2017 Shanghai International Motor Show (17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition / AUTO SHANGHAI 2017), held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China from Friday, April 21 to Friday, April 28. This motor show finished a great success – here’s our report.

What is AUTO SHANGHAI 2017?

New-energy Vehicles (NEV) Gain Increased Attention at Leading Worldwide Auto Show

The Shanghai International Motor Show is one of the largest auto shows in the world. It reached its 17th edition this year, and is held every other year, alternating with the Beijing Motor Show (Beijing International Automotive Exhibition). This year, over 1000 auto and part manufacturers from 18 countries and regions exhibited, showing approximately 1400 models, including 113 world premieres.
Countless examples of cutting-edge environmental technology, automated driving technology, and new-energy vehicles (NEV) were on display. New-energy vehicles are a hot topic in China, and the exhibition of an impressive 159 models (foreign corporations: 63, Chinese corporations: 96) earned the most buzz. In China, electric vehicles (EV), plug-in hybrids (PHEV), and fuel cell vehicles (FCV) are defined as “new-energy vehicles” (NEV), and the Chinese government is working to promote and popularize them.
China is now the largest market for auto manufacturers around the world, and their exhibition booths all showed their high level of commitment.


Aisin Group Jointly Exhibited

Environmental requirements have become more stringent with every passing year in China, and expectations are high for new-energy vehicles (NEV). In response to this trend, six Aisin Group companies (Aisin Seiki, Aisin Takaoka, Aisin Chemical, Aisin AW, Aisin AI, and ADVICS) exhibited their cutting-edge technology with a focus on environmentally-friendly products, and promoted the group’s initiatives to protect the environment.
The Aisin Group booth was located on the 2nd floor of the 5th building, in a cluster of major global suppliers, including Denso, ZF, Continental, and more. Every day the booths were overflowing with people taking a look at the exhibitors’ advanced technologies. The Aisin booth staff also fielded constant queries due to the increasing interest in automated driving and environmental technologies in China.

Drivetrain exhibit area
Drivetrain exhibit area
Introducing our varied transmission lineup, including the Low Torque 2-motor FWD Hybrid Transmission
Automated driving technology
Automated driving technology
Introducing our sensing technology, including the Driver Monitoring System, and actuator technology, including the Electronically Controlled Braking System
Thermal management exhibit area
Thermal management exhibit area
Showing products that efficiently control thermal energy, including the Electric Water Pump and the Grill Shutter
Body products area
Body products area
Introducing body products that aim for weight saving and comfort, including structural adhesives and power sliding doors
Demo car
Demo car
Exhibiting a demo car packed with Aisin Group technology
ILY-Ai, Aisin’s one-person electric compact mobility unit of the near future (first showing in China)
Aisin Group booth Aisin Group booth

President Press Conference

Aisin Group held a press conference on April 20, the second press day. The conference began with a performance by special guest Zhang Bin, the world-famous Erhu (Chinese violin) musician. Then President Yasumori Ihara of Aisin Seiki took the stage. First, he mentioned some topics for Aisin Group in the China market, including AT sales figures and strengthening the R&D structure. Then, he spoke on Aisin’s three core next-generation technology development areas of Zero Emissions, Automated Driving, and Connected Cars, before presenting the one-person electric compact mobility vehicle. He ended his speech by renewing his commitment to contributing to the region and Chinese society.
Finally, Chinese employees performed the Aisin Group Song, and then presidents of Aisin Group companies took the stage, bringing the conference to a successful close.


Electric Vehicles (EV) Play Starring Role, SUVs Notably Popular

China has pushed forward on automotive technology innovation along with its rapid economic growth. In recent years, the government has been promoting EVs with subsidies, and starting in 2018, it will require a certain quantity of new energy vehicles (NEV) to be sold. Perhaps due to this trend, electric vehicles (EV) stood out at this motor show. The venue overflowed with visitors from around the world, showing the vitality of the Chinese auto market.
It was clear that manufacturers are focusing on China as a major market, for example when Porsche announced five new models for Asia. The luxury car and SUV booths were especially popular, providing a firsthand view of the Chinese public’s high interest in automobiles.
Meanwhile, a series of new domestic brands are popping up in China, and many companies were exhibiting at a major motor show for the first time, each with impressive lineups and technology.
The success of this event allowed Aisin Group to gain a sense of the possibility for further market expansion in China, which is the largest auto market in the world.

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