Aisin Group to exhibit at Paris Motor Show

Sep. 25, 2014

News Release


Aisin Group booth (Conceptual view)

Three companies in the Aisin Group (Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Aisin AW Co., Ltd., ADVICS Co., Ltd.) will jointly exhibit at the 2014 Paris Motor Show to be held at Porte de Versailles in Paris, France, from October 4 (Sat.) to October 19 (Sun.).

 The Aisin Group will present a wide range of products and technologies on the themes of "Fuel Efficiency," "Safety," and "Comfort and Convenience." The exhibition will feature a demonstration vehicle outfitted with key innovations from the AISIN Group, effectively illustrating the Group's combined competencies with a wide range of products from parts to entire units.

 At the Paris Motor Show, we will present a special exhibition area for hybrid vehicle-oriented products, including a small torque capacity FWD hybrid transmission, electric vacuum pump, and regenerative braking system. These AISIN Group solutions for hybrid vehicles will be displayed as an integrated system to maximize appeal and further boost sales to European automakers.

 Also, we will present fuel efficiency-oriented products and technologies that meet a wide range of customer needs, such as a high torque capacity FWD 8-speed automatic transmission and multi-locking variable valve timing (VVT)


Details of product exhibition

■    Demonstration vehicle
Hybrid vehicle-oriented products and other innovations will be deployed in an actual-size chassis to give a clear picture of their positions and structures.
The vehicle will feature 40 of the Aisin group's core products.

 ■    Key products to be exhibited

 Fuel Efficiency
· Small torque capacity FWD hybrid transmission
· Electric water pump (for inverter and engine cooling)
· Electric vacuum pump
· Regenerative braking system
· High torque capacity FWD 8-speed automatic transmission

· Occupant weight sensor
· Driver monitoring system
· ESC modulator
· Electric-assisted parking brake

Comfort and Convenience
· Car navigation system