AISIN Group holds a joint ceremony to welcome new employees

Apr. 1, 2014

News Release

Six companies* in the AISIN Group held a joint ceremony to welcome 1,022 new employees, starting at 10:15 today at the Aisin Seiki gymnasium (Kariya City, Aichi).

 Kanshiro Toyoda, Chairman of Board of Directors of Aisin Seiki, delivered his welcoming message and pep talk to the new employees. After that, Megumi Kato (Aisin Seiki), a representative of the new employees from the six Group companies, made a vow to "grow into human resources who can earn the trust and satisfaction of customers worldwide."

 *Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd., Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd., Aisin AW Co., Ltd., Aisin AI Co., Ltd., and ADVICS Co., Ltd.


[Summary of message from Chairman Toyoda]

 Recently the economy may appear to be improving as a result of Prime Minister Abe's economic policies, but we are still facing a severe business environment and an uncertain future. As globalization advances, the movements of people, things, and information are unaffected by national borders and quickly exert an influence on our operations. What's more, the auto industry as a whole is in the midst of a massive structural shift, and the number of vehicles manufactured here in Japan is rapidly dwindling.
For the AISIN Group to achieve sustainable growth under these circumstances, there are three areas in which I would like you, as the future of the Group, to put forth your best efforts.

 1. To grow into a person who can play an active role globally, I would like each of you to become a professional in your own job field, making every effort not only to know it but also to love it, and gaining a high degree of competence in some area that is vital for global business. Also, please make a habit of learning about the history and cultural backgrounds of Japan and other countries on a daily basis.

 2. Even during times of great difficulty, you are a member of a team. By understanding and helping one another and making the most of each individual's abilities, there is no problem you cannot overcome. Remember the importance of working as a team, make efforts to communicate directly, and build positive relationships with one another.

 3. We live in a world where there is not always a clear answer to every question or solution to every problem, so I ask you to hone your ability to identify appropriate solutions. To do so, please make active efforts to gather information at all times, and do not take what you see at face value, but develop your own criteria for assessing situations.

 I am counting on you to follow the rules of the community and society as a responsible member of the workforce, and to grow into competent professionals who not only uphold the company's business operations, but also make positive contributions to Japanese society as a whole.