AISIN respects the workstyle of each employee’s diverse values and seeks to establish an environment where they can work actively. We will raise our corporate value through mutual growth and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

Basic policy regarding respect for human rights

Under the AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior, we established the basic policy of respecting the human rights of all employees: “We respect the character, individuality and diversity of our employees and provide a safe, enjoyable and productive work environment in order to help them achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.” The Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility provide specific behavioral standards for the realization of the principles of corporate behavior and make clear statements prohibiting forced labor and child labor. Additionally, the AISIN Way clarifies values and behavioral principles to be shared among the Group that are timeless and global.

The AISIN Group complies with the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international codes of conduct regarding human rights, and reflects these in standards such as the AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior and the Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility to provide concrete behavioral standards.

The AISIN Group Charter of Corporate Behavior defines the basic standards we must follow in order to respect the human rights of all employees. The Action Guideline in View of Social Responsibilities is a comprehensive guideline for respecting the human rights of everyone who works in or for the AISIN Group, including declarations that the AISIN Group prohibits forced labor and child labor.

The Human Resources department of our head office checks that the basic rights of our workers throughout the world are being upheld according to the requirements of the department's labor assessment. Aisin's Stance on Industrial Relations also clearly stipulates that all workers' rights must be upheld. (Communication about this took place at the Aisin group Human Resources Conference in July 2017. ) Business ethics guides have been created by local human resources departments in areas such as North America, China and Thailand and distributed to the employees of these arms of the company.

Involvement with Relevant Organizations and Initiatives

The AISIN Group belongs to the Industrial Federation for Human Rights, Aichi, a cooperative of 26 companies with offices in Aichi Prefecture. The organization works with relevant administrative bodies and associations such as the Aichi prefectural government and labor board to raise awareness of human rights. We are involved with nationwide corporate conferences in various areas of Japan to promote in-house training and awareness-raising and build a society in which human rights are upheld.

We also hold annual fair employment courses with guest speakers from the Aichi prefectural labor board as part of our initiatives to provide equal employment opportunities and promote awareness and sound practices in fair employment that respects basic human rights.

Thorough the implementation of education on human rights protection for all employees

AISIN Group believes that human rights must be taken into consideration in all aspects of corporate activities. In addition to respecting the basic human rights of all employees, we conduct human rights education on various occasions, such as training for newly appointed management personnel, training for new hires and training upon job promotions.

Initiatives in fiscal 2018
1,315 employees participated in joint CSR Management Training for management personnel from the six core Group companies
Invited a guest lecturer from the Aichi Labor Bureau and held a training seminar on fair recruitment by Group companies