The AISIN Group promotes free and fair competition in conducting its business activities in different countries and regions of the world and endeavors to fulfill its social responsibility together with all stakeholders related to its operations.

Declaration of thorough compliance

We have declared our commitment to thorough compliance in the AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior. We have also formulated and communicated to all employees the Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility to put the philosophy underpinning these principles into practice. Moreover, the president himself is leading our efforts to reinforce compliance.

Promoting compliance group-wide

The AISIN Group has established a Business Ethics Committee or a similar committee which is tasked with leading the discussion about matters related to corporate ethics, compliance and policy.

We plan to establish a Group Business Ethics Committee in fiscal 2018 to upgrade group-wide compliance activities of our 14 main Group companies.

Group compliance meeting
Group compliance meeting

Compliance education and training

Based on the belief that people are the key to promoting CSR, the AISIN Group provides information on the various laws and regulations through rank-specific education for employees and training for workplace managers and executive officers and is instilling compliance awareness throughout the Group.

In fiscal 2017, we expanded the scale and upgraded the contents of our compliance training and provided training on various topics, including harassment, the Subcontract Act and labor laws, to personnel in charge of promoting business ethics in Group companies in Japan. In October, we held AISIN Group Business Ethics Campaign Month to provide an opportunity for all employees to reflect on their normal routine and consider business ethics. Outside Japan, we conducted training for managers to cultivate the knowledge required of a manager.

As another activity under AISIN Group Business Ethics Campaign Month, we conduct an all-employee survey on compliance awareness. In fiscal 2017, we received around 70,000 responses and confirmed that compliance awareness is spreading and increasing in the workplace.

Compliance training in Japan
Compliance training in Japan
Poster to enhance ethical business activities
Poster to enhance ethical business activities

Establishing a whistle-blower system to identify and correct inappropriate conduct

Our 14 main Group companies have each set up a hotline to receive inquiries and notices on matters relating to compliance and have been publicizing the hotline through AISIN Group Business Ethics Campaign Month and other means to promptly identify and correct inappropriate conduct.

Compliance hotline contacts (Aisin Seiki)

FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Internal and external contacts 90 97 113