Formulating Group Management Policies for Strengthening Our Sense of Unity as a Group and Our Ability to Respond to Change

We formulated the Group Management Policies from fiscal 2018 with the aim of aligning our direction as a Group. These policies help us recognize challenges and strengthen our sense of unity as a Group and our ability to respond to change.

Our fiscal 2018 Group Management Policies consist of the following three guidelines:

  1. Accelerate growth strategies that anticipate the next generation (take on challenges toward the future).
  2. Strengthen competitiveness in existing businesses.
  3. Reinforce the management foundation that supports sustainable growth.

The first guideline, “accelerate growth strategies that anticipate the next generation,” is the Group’s top priority. Based on the watchwords “zero emissions,” “automated driving” and “connected cars,” we will accelerate development activities targeting the focused development field as well as introduce a Virtual Company System and tackle new challenges in Group management for strengthening Group competitiveness.

The second guideline is to “strengthen competitiveness in existing businesses.” As we earn the benefits of our business restructuring, we will steadily progress with the building of an efficient Group production structure that responds to increasing demand for automatic transmissions. Along with this, the Group will work in unison to accelerate initiatives for raising competitiveness. These efforts will focus on standardizing components and evaluation items previously determined separately for each company as we strive to improve development efficiency.

The third guideline is to “reinforce the management foundation that supports sustainable growth” and this also encompasses compliance. We will once again reevaluate the underlying foundation that supports our corporate activities, thoroughly adhere to our basic philosophy of “Quality First” and assure quality that meets the expectations of our customers.

We are also advocating the following three measures as behavioral guidelines for individuals. The first is to “have a dream” for attaining or realizing some desire. The second is to speedily take on new challenges for realizing this dream. The third is to “break down any walls in the company, business and functions” that stand in your way.

Under these management policies and three behavioral guidelines, I would like the AISIN Group to be a vibrant company that possesses true competitiveness worldwide and proposes new value.

Accelerate Technology Development in the focused development field with the Group Working in Unison

The AISIN Group has specialized in a domain involving the actual movement of cars based on the “operating, turning and stopping” functions of automobiles. Going forward, an urgent task in this domain will be to respond to systemization and integration accompanying the advance of automated driving and connected cars in the future. As I look ahead to our development that combines artificial intelligence with the AISIN Group’s existing core technologies, I believe that the three areas of “zero emissions,” “automated driving” and “connected cars” will likely become extremely important areas. Therefore, I decided to undertake Group-wide new technology development activities in these three areas with the Group working in unison.

In the first area, zero emissions, we are pursuing various initiatives through the Electrification Working Group (WG) and the EV/FCV System WG.

The Electrification WG is moving forward with the development of powertrain products for hybrid cars, electric vehicles (EVs) and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). Specifically, we are developing a one-motor automatic transmission for hybrid cars that is being demanded by European automakers. We are also focusing on developing motors and inverters, which are basic components of powertrains for EVs and FCVs, by leveraging our knowledge cultivated in hybrid transmissions.

In the EV/FCV System WG, we are undertaking development in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation in anticipation of the age of EVs and FCVs. We would like to provide a variety of products suitable for electrification across a wide field that includes not only our powertrain business but also our chassis & vehicle safety business and body product business.

In the second area, automated driving, we are making various efforts in the Vehicle Dynamics Control WG and the Automated Valet Parking WG.

The Vehicle Dynamics Control WG is developing systems that optimize vehicle dynamic performance and realize integrated control of operating, turning and stopping functions that encompasses powertrains, steering, suspensions and brakes. I had the opportunity to test drive a prototype vehicle that integrated this technology. The body responded favorably when making sharp turns and we are already realizing bodies that enable extremely comfortable rides.

In the Automated Valet Parking WG, we carried out development aimed at fully automated parking whereby with just one touch of a button an automobile performs automated parking and then automatically returns to a drop-off location. We have already advanced to the stage of test drives using actual vehicles, and we hope to introduce this technology at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

In the third area, connected cars, we are undertaking various initiatives in the Hospitality Services WG and the Location Based Services WG.

We possess a wide variety of products and technologies that include such body parts as power sliding doors, power back doors and sunroofs as well as such body sensors as driver monitoring systems. The Hospitality Services WG aims to use these technologies to realize a variety of functions that provide comfort. These include seat positioning that activates in conformance with the driver the instant the driver is seated as well as doors that detect the presence and distance of adjacent vehicles and then changes the way the doors are opened to avoid making contact with other vehicles.

The Location Based Services WG creates services that support the movement of customers leveraging the navigation technologies of Aisin AW and utilizing position information and Big Data.