Production Engineering

Our cutting-edge technologies and production technology development system ensure consistently high product quality worldwide.

Manufacturing line for motors incorporated into hybrid automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles

Production engineering is based on innovative methods and equipment.

To ensure consistently high product quality, Aisin Seiki has established paramount production engineering technologies and adopts a serious and sincere approach to "monozukuri" (skilled manufacturing). We ceaselessly update our innovative industrial processes and equipment, and are putting in place a production technology development system to ensure consistently high product quality worldwide. We are also stepping up efforts to cultivate globally oriented human resources with proficiency in skilled manufacturing techniques.

Production Engineering Center

The Production Engineering Center is responsible for verifying production lines before mass-production commences, creating simplified and streamlined equipment and molds and developing production engineering solutions, with the aim of always manufacturing products with the same exacting standards across all regions around the world. The facility enables Aisin Seiki to strengthen its competencies in manufacturing, creating unbeatable quality and cost and developing the necessary human.