The AISIN Group Offers an Extensive Product Lineup

The AISIN Group's exhaustive product line comprehensively covers virtually every element of an automobile, from transmissions and other drivetrain-related products to the brake system, chassis, engine, body parts such as sunroofs and door latches, and information technology products.
Our products are incorporated into vehicles produced by automakers worldwide.

  • Drivetrain-Related Products

    We offer a line of transmissions unparalleled in the industry, for vehicles ranging from compact and standard passenger cars to light- and medium-duty trucks, buses and commercial vehicles.
    We sell products to a large and growing number of automakers worldwide on the strength of our cutting-edge product and technology development.

    Drivetrain-Related Products
  • Brake & Chassis-Related Products

    Aisin develops system products that integrate the "drive," "turn" and "stop" functions of an automobile, with the aim of minimizing accidents and making it easy to prevent them.
    In addition to brake components, we offer steering and suspension systems designed with every consideration to maximize safety and functionality.

    Brake & Chassis-Related Products
  • Body-Related Products

    Aisin Seiki offers body-related products that not only maximize comfort, convenience and safety, but also emphasize design and reduced weight, meeting diversifying user needs.

    Body-Related Products
  • Engine-Related Products

    Aisin Seiki applies state-of-the-art component technologies to a wide range of engine-related functional and cast parts, offering products that contribute to enhanced engine performance, including better fuel economy and cleaner exhaust gas emissions.

    Engine-Related Products
  • Information Technology-Related Products

    Aisin Seiki is applying cutting-edge technology to the development of increasingly sophisticated products in line with the evolution of information and communications technology, electronics and information infrastructure.
    In addition to market-leading car navigation systems, we have developed intelligent parking assist systems driven by image processing technology, and are contributing to a safer and more comfortable automotive lifestyle.

    Information Technology-Related Products