Aisin Group conducts youth education activity in Chiryu City

Dec. 3, 2018

News Release

Kids engage with science and have fun learning to make spinning tops

Aisin Seiki and other companies in the Aisin Group (hereinafter referred to as Aisin) presented an Aisin Manufacturing Workshop at the Chiryu Children's Festival, held at Patio Chiryu (Chiryu Public Theater) on December 2, 2018.

One of Aisin's Corporate Principles is "Harmony with Society and Nature," and we actively pursue community-based activities. As a part of these efforts, we offer classes and hands-on workshops that encourage children to enjoy building their scientific skills, employing Aisin's expertise in manufacturing to cultivate the young people who will run the world in the future.

In Chiryu, the Chiryu Children's Ordinance was enacted, and steps are being taken to protect children's rights and promote child-friendly community development, based on the idea that "the city's greatest wish is to see children grow healthily and build the future." The Chiryu Children's Festival is a local community development event that has been held since 2014 by the regional PTA (Parent Teacher Association), which is committed to this philosophy. It was launched with the goal of inspiring children who grow up in the area "to know about their city, think about the future, and create a community where they will want to live in the future."

Aisin employees and alumni walked approximately 270 children from Chiryu and vicinity through the process of making a spinning top, teaching them along the way about our resin molding and gear technologies cultivated through the production of auto parts and household products. This time, thanks to the cooperation of volunteers from Chiryu High School, the number of participants was about 30% higher than last year. Children engaged with manufacturing processes they could not experience at school or at home, such as working with materials and applying pressure with tools like wire-cutters and files, and grew deeply absorbed in their work.

(Outline of activities)
Date: December 2, 2018 (Sun.)
Place: Patio Chiryu (Chiryu Public Theater), Chiryu City
Description: Aisin Manufacturing Workshop
Staff: 13 in all (7 from 3 Aisin Group companies, 6 volunteers from Chiryu High School)
Participants: 452 in all (274 children and 178 parents)