Organizational Governance

Dialogue with Stakeholders

Promoting CSR management through dialogue with stakeholders

The AISIN Group promotes CSR activities by placing an emphasis on dialogue with our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and investors, suppliers, employees and local communities.

Example of Aisin Seiki


Main customer contact point: Customer Support Department

Through its Customer Support Department, Aisin Seiki strives to respond promptly, accurately and politely to customer inquiries regarding its lifestyle related products, including sewing machines and beds.

Customer Support Department

Shareholders and Investors

Main contact point: Finance & Costing Department

In addition to holding presentations on business performance and the announcement of financial results on a quarterly basis, we appropriately respond to individual interviews in a timely manner. Presentations on business results are also held for overseas investors in respective regions in Europe, North America and Asia.



Main contact point: Purchasing Planning & Administration Department, Materials & Machinery Purchasing Department, Purchasing Group of Planning Department in respective product divisions

In order to promote collaboration with suppliers throughout the Group, the six core Group companies take a lead and hold a New Year’s party, technical exchange meetings and other gatherings.



Main contact point: Human Resources Management Department

Effective communication is promoted at respective workplaces based on reporting and consultation in daily operations and meetings. We value the input and opinions of all employees and have implemented measures such as rank-based meetings, workplace interviews with supervisors and subordinates and an employee awareness survey to better gauge their feedback. Newsletters are also issued as a key means of disseminating information to employees and their families.


Local communities

Main contact point: General Administration Department

We are developing community-based social contribution activities unique to the AISIN Group at locations in Japan and overseas.

General Administration Department