Organizational Governance

CSR Management

The AISIN Group places importance on developing fair and highly transparent management activities and is striving to strengthen organizational governance as a corporate citizen trusted by all stakeholders.

AISIN Group CSR activities contributing to the sustainable development of society and the earth

We believe that CSR is an essential aspect of corporate governance as the cornerstone that underpins the stable long-term growth of the AISIN Group. To put that into practice, we have established the Aisin Group Principles of Corporate Behavior, outlining our commitment to the sustainable development of society and the earth as a whole, and to developing and maintaining sound relationships with all of our stakeholders. These principles form the basis for a wider range of CSR activities.

We also extend these principles not only in Japan but also to overseas Group companies in light of the circumstances in respective countries and regions.

The Aisin Group Principles of Corporate Behavior


Implementing corporate principles through education and enlightenment

The AISIN Group has formulated and is promoting the Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility to provide concrete behavioral standards for all employees to fulfill the Aisin Group Principles of Corporate Behavior.

These guidelines have a Q&A section for each of the seven principles defined under the Aisin Group Principles of Corporate Behavior, namely Safety and Quality, Compliance, Disclosure of Information and Communication, Human Rights and Labor, Environment, Corporate Citizenship Activities and Top Management Leadership. This document serves to ensure that these principles are both easily understood and accessible in a booklet that is distributed to all employees.

Additionally, to promote employees’ awareness of CSR and encourage business practices with CSR in mind, training (for employees) and management training (for managers) are conducted as part of rank-specific training programs. Training for members of top management is also conducted at overseas locations, instilling an understanding of the AISIN Way and further promoting CSR activities globally.

Top management training
Top management training
We hold training for managerial-level employees at overseas locations

Establishing committees to promote CSR activities

The AISIN Group has also established committees within Aisin Seiki tasked with addressing the interests and concerns of all stakeholders, including the Business Ethics Committee, the Risk Management Committee, the Company-wide Environmental Committee, the Export Trade Control Committee and the Central Safety and Health Committee.

These committees monitor activities inside the Group in accordance with their respective topics and report on the results to the Board of Directors in seeking to improve relevant corporate activities.