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Building a Company Resilient to Disasters

Developing human resources and a framework resilient to disasters

In an effort to strengthen our emergency response capabilities, the AISIN Group undertakes education and enlightenment activities to enable each and every employee to take appropriate action in accordance with the Risk Management Guide when risk events occur. This guide stipulates procedures to be followed in ordinary times (before a risk occurs) and during an emergency (when a risk occurs).

Along with these efforts, we are in the process of formulating an additional Business Continuity Plan (BCP) from a global standpoint and reinforcing the structure to manage this BCP.

Following the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes, we promptly set up an emergency headquarters and worked jointly with companies in the disaster-affected areas for an early recovery of our production operations. We will pass on the lessons learned in responding to the disaster and make group-wide efforts to build corporate resilience against disasters to the extent possible.

Kumamoto Earthquake Emergency Headquarters(Aisin Seiki)
Kumamoto Earthquake Emergency Headquarters(Aisin Seiki)

Strengthening capabilities to respond to a major disaster

We regard large earthquakes and other major disasters as a significant risk to continuing business and have developed a BCP with a focus on safeguarding people’s lives, providing support to local communities and ensuring an early recovery to bolster our disaster response capabilities.

For the purpose of refining our BCPs as a Group, in fiscal 2015 we formulated guidelines to clearly define matters to be covered under a BCP, the order of priority and targeted response levels.

From a viewpoint of safeguarding people’s lives and ensuring an early recovery, we are systematically making disaster mitigation efforts to prevent or reduce risks and implementing measures mainly in terms of “hardware,” including adding earthquake resistance to corporate buildings, facilities and equipment.

As an initiative to enhance our initial response, we place particular emphasis on training to improve skills of employees who will play a crucial role in emergency response. Under our simulation drills designed to ensure employees’ smooth action in real-world scenarios, we provide training on 24 topics, including effective evacuation, initial measures (putting out fires, rescuing people, administering first aid) and procedures to assess and determine if plant buildings are safe to use after an earthquake. Besides these simulation drills, we carried out emergency headquarters training to nurture the ability to collect and share information and make the right decisions in a disaster and to strengthen overall disaster response capabilities.

In order to ensure the steady execution of an initial response when there are disruptions in infrastructure services, we are increasing our disaster preparedness by stockpiling food and water and maintaining satellite phones and other required equipment and supplies.

In supporting local communities in the event of a disaster, we have concluded emergency relief agreements with related local authorities, and each base in the AISIN Group will provide necessary shelter and supplies.

Finally, to enable Group companies to collaborate in checks and inspections on the progress in their disaster mitigation measures and hosting training sessions and workshops for refining BCPs.

Simulation drill
Simulation drill
Joint drill with Group
companies on procedures to
determine whether it is safe
to use a building